FOWC with Fandango: Beware

Baselstrasse 12.03 (1)

There are signs that draw you into their ban. Why is it that when I pass by this entrance I am fascinated by the words written. House No. 18 shows the name Malpertuis. I had a look in Internet, not knowing this name.

It is a character in a Belgian horror film from 1971. A sailor discovers that his uncle is capturing dying Greek Gods and sewing them into human flesh. Does this mean that I should avoid this place in future? Malpertuis is a crumbling, ancient house where a dying warlock has trapped the aging gods. This house looks quite modern and well looked after and nothing is crumbling. There is no sign of anything supernatural, although I only pass by during the day. Perhaps at night there is a different tale to tell.

There is no sign telling me to beware of Malpertuis. I have decided to paint a sign on my door “Tabby” and see if people wonder who Tabby is. At the moment Tabby is sleeping after a bowl of food. Perhaps Malpertuis is the name of the cat that lives in the house.

FOWC with Fandango: Beware

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