Good Morning

Morning Sky

One of those grey mornings with the remainder of the rain clouds. I heard the rain during the night, quite a heavy downpour. This morning everything is wet, but the rain has stopped. Who knows? Perhaps today might brighten up. Yesterday was quite a good one: no rain and even some sun now and again.

I was preparing my Dyson vacuum cleaner to take with me. It fell had the motor had a stop-go syndrome. I had another look at it and found a cover to the motor part. I screwed it off. Dyson made a strange murmur and the motor decided to return to the normal condition. I think it must have had some sort of poltergeist inside that I expelled. I was glad as I did not have to take it with me. I even found a second vacuum in the cellar, exactly the same and I still do not know why we bought a new one. Anyhow now we have two of them plus the big model.

I embarked on a cobweb removing campaign yesterday and sucked them all away between the places where the ceiling meets the wall. There is still one room to do today and afterwards I will be ready for the new invasions of the spiders in summer. I never actually see those spiders spinning those webby strings but they appear and suddenly I realise they should be removed. We bought our place 20 years ago and it is still in good condition. A new layer of paint would be a good idea, but on the other hand it still looks OK and at my golden oldie age I really do not want an invasion of painters meaning I would have to dissemble our bookcase and have heavy furniture shifted. As far as I am concerned it will do for the next 20 years when I will be 92 and Mr. Swiss 100 years old: so what’s the problem.


My raised herb bed is in good conditions and survived the Winter well. On the left I have my chives and parsley: next to it thyme and a patch of savory at the front in the middle. Savory is something I did not know in my earlier days is in England, but it is a herb that the Swiss like to cook with green beans or mix in a bean salad. Its taste really suits the beans. My gardener planted it when I was constructing my new herb bed and it is also growing well. I also have a sage and out of the picture rosemary. I had an enormous rosmary plant that flowered constantly but had to say goodbye to it. I now just have a smaller version, perhaps I might get a new one, but they tend to take over. Now is the fun time for me in the garden especially with the raised bed. It makes it easier to plant seeds and discover new herbs. I intend to plant some dill seeds for my cucumber salads as well for fish dishes.

I am not sure if I will take a wheelie this afternoon somewhere. First of all the rain should stop and the cold gale force winds

Bird 12.03 (1)

I have another little bird mystery. I was wheeling along the river in town and heard it before seeing it. It was singing its little heart out perched up on a tree. I had to circle around the tree to get a good view. I though it might be a crow, but crows do not sing, they caw,  and I saw it had a nice yellow beak.

And now I should be moving on and bring some action into my day. Today is spaghetti day. For some reason it settled on a Thursday which suits me. Not so much to do and Mr. Swiss can be recruited to make the salad.

I wish you all a successful day whatever and talk to your computers now and again that they do not feel so neglected. I noticed that Facebook had some sort of outage yesterday for many hours and I could not crosspost my blogs on my Angloswiss page there. This morning it was working again. Many were lamenting on Facebook as if the end of the social site world was nigh. Basically I could not care less. I live my online life in WordPress and have no wish to tell the world all my personal problems. I just get curious to see what the others are saying. I leave you with some pansies I saw in town. Even the pansies are now flowering.

Pansies 12.03.2019

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We are already so decrepit, and can barely conceive of how bad we’ll get in 20 years. Yikes! Today it’s like spring, but I think we’ll have more snow by the end of the week. They are installing our new shower stall today! I’m so excited … and so tired. We were up at the crack of dawn to clear out the room so they could work. But by tomorrow, it will be finished and I hope SO much nicer.

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    • 20 years is a long time, the problem is it seems to be getting faster to arrive there.We have heavy wet snow at the moment and there is no way to escape outside. Have fun with the new shower, I am sure you will. I love my new shower, couldn’t be better.


  2. Good Morning. Sorry I am late. The car died this morning, so I am rushed about to repair it. I was just cutting back some perennials in one of the landscapes, and some of them do not look as good as your herbs. I am concerned that some of the rotted, which is rare here. Rosemary is a common groundcover. For an herb garden, I sort of think that one plant is sufficient, because it is not needed in large quantities.

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    • You mean RIP Buick. I hope he recovers. My herbs have done well for coming through the Winter months, although it was not such a strong Winter this year. My Rosemary is just one stalk, something like a bonsai, and I am not sure if it will grow. I like using my herbs in the dishes that I cook.

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