FOWC with Fandango: WiFi

Weissensteinstrasse 16.07 (2)

The WiFi isn’t working
The router lost the way
Wavelengths are confused
Everything is grey
There must be a solution
We must find out the truth
And now the case is very clear
WiFi loves his bluetooth
They have disappeared
In their very own hotspot
Now WLAN is jealous
Signals in a knot
Connections need some blimps
to reconnect WiFi
But bluetooth is so sad and lonely
She is heading for the sky
The programmer now has a problem
and is searching for a bug
Wifi and Bluetooth are wire in wire
and so they pull the plug
The moral to this story
is now quite plain to see
Always be a step ahead
and never trust technology

FOWC with Fandango: WiFi

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