RDP Tuesday: Diurnal

Web 15.10 (10)

No diunal event a spider web
A home for its builder
Waiting, hidden, to pounce on the victim
But what if, what if, yes
Where the wall meets the ceiling
Draped on the axis of the joints
Invisible during daylight
Until the sun shines and reflects
Seeing woven threads
Attack with the duster
Calamity, the duster leaves dust
The webs encrusted and black strings hanging
No longer an occasional action
Every morning an inspection
Where, where, where
Look at the corners, again renewed
Is there a dust bunny that spins?
The battle cry vacuum is heard
Balancing on the bed, on a chair
Reaching and finding, sucked away
Disappearing in the tube
Not diurnal? a joke
A daily exploration
Relax, they are gone, until tomorrow
The life of a dust bunny

RDP Tuesday: Diurnal

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