Good Morning

Jura Morning with clouds

Who would have thought that there would be such a wonderful view on the Jura mountains from my front garden this morning. The sun is shining, it is very cold, but we have blues skies instead of the rainy grey and it looks like today will be a good one.

Yesterday we had snow and rain together and very high winds to mix it all.


The snow was luckily not laying on the ground, but you can see the isolated flakes dropping on the photo. Yesterday morning I was on a shopping trip to feed the family. As I was talking to the lady in the meat department she suddenly said look at the snow outside, and it was a real white curtain falling down. When I left the store it had already stopped and it was just wet outside. Monday is my stress morning as I get the cleaning done and afterwards continue to the store. Otherwise my shopping is done in the afternoon.

I also had a problem with my Dyson vacuum cleaner. It is the one that loads on a station and it fell and the container with the collective dust and dirt opened. I was just getting ready to go, but Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He collected the mess with the other Dyson (the bigger one) and then we discovered that the one that fell had problems. The motor was on a stop and go all the time. When I returned from the shopping trip, everything under control again. The stop and go problem was now in the cellar as we had another Dyson down there which was working perfectly. We seem to be surrounded by Dysons. However, the stop and go problem will now be taken to the store on Wedenesday afternoon where I bought it as I discovered the guarantee is still valid until 2021. I even gathered praise from Mr. Swiss that I have such a good organised system with my guarantee documents. What else does a golden oldie have to do all day?

I am a little later this morning as my wonderful pearl of a cleaning lady was looking after my shower and bathroom. She does the cleaning I can not longer do and I am so glad. I was busy cleaning my windows as the rain left its calling card on them yesterday and now everything is perfect. I will really make an effort to go into town this afternoon for a wheelie so I hope the weather gods play nicely. Dinner is cooking and now to take it easy.

May your day be a good one, if not it can only get better. I leave you with a greeting from my garden.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh the tulips are so pretty. Yesterday was kind of warm here but today is colder again, but sunny. The daffodils are up a few centimeters, but no flowers yet. We do have one crocus out by where we park the car next to the house … when we left after church on sunday to go food shopping it was not there but 2 hours later when we returned with our weekly haul of groceries … there is was … two little lavender blossoms … to greet us. I was so happy to see a harbinger of spring. Next Sunday will be Feast of St Patrick in the USA .. usual day for parties at the local pub, but also it is usually a benchmark that the forsythia, tulips, daffodils, are up out of the ground and blooming by St Patrick’s Day … so here on Tuesday .. a whole lotta stuff would have to happen in order for affairs to be in order by Sunday … so I have my fingers crossed …. it is supposed to be sunny all week, but not warm, so it will be “iffy”… SLP

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  2. It has gotten warmer here, but not really as warm as they promised, Maybe by the end of the week, but there’s also a chance that it’ll get cold and we shall have snow. Hopefully, they will have installed our new bathroom by then. It got delayed by one day, but then two because I have a hospital day on Wednesday. I’m seriously tired of doctors and hospitals! Blue skies today here. I guess I should put on some real clothing soon. Like maybe now!

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    • Today was sunny but cold and now the craziest is that at the week-end we will have temperatures up to 20° C and that is Spring weather. I am so glad we had our shower fixed, it works perfectly. In April it is Mr. Swiss turn for dentist visit and eye doctor visit probably with an operation for glaucoma


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