RDP Saturday: Walk

Rainy Day

I used to go walking in the rain
Listening to the splashes on the umbrella
Feeling the watery mire under my boots
Enjoying the vigor of the surrounding air

Returning home I would shake myself
Like a wet dog, clearing the drops
Curl up on a warm seat with a coffee
Relax with a good feeling

My walks are now in my home
with a mop or a vacuum cleaner
No longer a need for an umbrella
At home it is dry and warm

I stumble around
Hold onto chairs and tables
Anything to steady my step
And take a look, is it still raining?

And so I read a book, rest with the computer
Stare out the window and wait
Tomorrow might be dry, the sun shining
I can go places again

With a wheelchair everything is at your feet
But you cannot use them so well
So wheel on with the camera
Capture the sights and hope the rain stays away

RDP Saturday: Walk

12 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Walk

  1. I love your outlook so much. I have known so may defeated people over the course of my life. My dad wasn’t defeated, but technology had not caught up to his will yet. I love your photos and commentary, the little visits I get to take to Solothurn via your wheelchair and camera. ❤

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    • I am lucky. I could buy my electric wheelchair. I am sure that I would not have got one from the Swiss social services, only a mechanical one. I was never rich but careful and now I realise that I can buy things that are necessary when you get older.My ability to move is most important and even if it is in a wheelchair, or even a walker. When Mr. Swiss was no loger to drive I had no choice. I ever enjoyed driving but now it is my transport and I am enjoying it. My car is my “bella”.

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    • I have had MS for at least 30 years, but it was only discovered a few years ago when it began to get worse. Now I have it under control better. I am lucky my symptoms are manageable, more fatigue than anything else and being careful not to fall as I cannot stand up again without help.

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