RDP Friday: Avalanche

Living in Switzerland an avalanche is something quite common after heavy snowfalls such as this one. The snow masses were threatening and so the experts decided to use dynamite to force the avalanche to follow the right path. The snow began to tumble down the slope towards a group of soldiers who were doing their annual three week service. It certainly looks imposing and it followed the wrong path.

However the soldiers also did their own little film astonished to see how the snow masses were tumbling towards them. This is not the usual way it happens, but someone did a wrong calculation. I am sure this needs no translation.

There are some words that are simply international.

RDP Friday: Avalanche

13 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Avalanche

  1. Swearing in English sounds far less offensive than in Swiss German!
    But WOW, that really went totally wrong….. Thanks for telling me. (Not that I needed to know, really…)

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      • but you see that’s the beauty, to me ‘swearing’ (not really) in other languages (E/F/I) doesn’t offend my ear, in Swiss German it does…. And anyway, EVERYBODY swears in E! πŸ˜‰
        I have an elderly gentleman friend who is crawling up the walls when I say ‘bloody’ something or other….. Which he never should have mentionend because now, -…..- !

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