Good morning

Breakfast 06.03.2019

The morning did not start so well due to a breakfast of toast and honey. It was one of those thin honeys that like to try and escape from the bread resulting in a very sticky table and computer keyboard where my fingers are sticking to various keys, but I did enjoy my breakfast.

Yesterday was cold and very windy, but now and again the sun appeared so I decided it was time to break out in the afternoon. In town there would be another carnival procession and I need to get away from the noise and bustle. I saddled up my wheelchair and embarked on a wheelie to the local castle on the top of the hill. I noticed with our wonderful clear sunny days our alps decided to move a little nearer and I was not disappointed.

Alps 05.03 (7)

Obviously I was using my zoom lens, but it is not so often they they appear so clear with their icy details. You can see from the left the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Alps 05.03 (1)

Even the clouds were playing their part in the spectacle. Again the Eiger, Mönch and on the extreme right the Jungfrau, this time from a distance. I was taking the photo from the top of the hill so you can also see the local stable farm  direct in front. I decided to move on down and see what the animals were doing on the farm. During the summer months I often visit, but since last year I had not been here.

Goats and kids 05.03 (3)

Last year they added a pair of goats to the animals which were usually running free amongst the chickens. This year they had given one of the goats her own pen and there had been new arrivals. There are now two kids as well. It was difficult to get closer and the photo is not so sharp unfortunately.

Geese 05.03 (9)

The geese were also still there and it seems to me that they are getting bigger: at least they are standing on firm feet as always.

I wheeled on, snapping away and eventually decided it was a little cold to stay too long.

Today is another shopping tour this afternoon. I had a problem yesterday as I had forgotten to get something for today’s dinner and I am not so keen on shopping in the morning: too much stress with the housework and driving off to the stores. However, we housewives are almost always prepared. I found a packet of spaghetti in the cupboard and a few tins of tuna fish with a tin of tomatoes. I even had an eisberg salad so what could be better. Today it will be spaghetti al tonno and I have parmesan cheese as well.

In the meanwhile the online shopping list on my iPhone is growing and I should now be moving on to the rest of the daily chores (such as wiping away the sticky mess from the honey), Have a good day everyone, I will be back some time later. I will leave you with a view of the castle as I was approaching the path up the hill.

Castle Waldegg 05.03.2019

12 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. Good Morning!
    I was not expecting to be here, but I stopped by on my way between tasks. It is so pretty there, like spring in some far away exotic place . . . . oh wait, I suppose it is. It is raining very heavily right now, and making quite a din on the metallic roof. It is Ash Wednesday, so the Carnival should be done. (Did it continue today? That would be odd.)

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    • Today is our last carnival day. No more processions or street parties, but this evening they burn a large dummy stuffed with fireworks on the main place in town to commemorate the end of the carnival. Life should now again return to normal.

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  2. You mountains really are amazing to see. I flew close over the Alps between England and Israel. The pilot (SwissAir) flew low so we could really see them. That is as close as I’ve personally gotten, but your pictures help too 😀

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    • We are having some super views at the moment. Today when I drove down from the store, which is higher up, there was such a wonderful panorama of the complete alps. They are the times when I wish that someone else is driving so that I can take a few photos, but alas those days are now gone. When I flew to England I always knew where to watch out for the alps, but it was not always such a clear view.


  3. Your poinsettia looks to be in about the same condition as mine … both are there on the table where we work on the computer, where they can get sunlight I suspect. The photos of the Alps are stunning. From the map on the computer, it would appear that the mountains are quite some distance away. That’s amazing. It is very cold here, feels like 11 fahrenheit with the wind blowing the TV says. Very cold. Have a good day. SLP


    • I got the poinsettia before Christmas and am surprised that it’s still alive.. The alps are about 140 Kilometers South, but the views depend on the atmospherics


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