Good Morning

Morning sky 05.03.2019

I stopped hugging the bed at 7.30 as it is cleaning lady day and I like to be ready when when she arrives. What a wonderful morning it was. Yesterday was so grey and dismal but today the clouds were departing and the sun was rising somewhere, probably in the East as it usually does, although the photo is towards South. This might mean that if it continues, this afternoon will be worth a wheelie in my chair, with camera of course, to the castle hill for a good view of the alps.

Today is not a day for making a journey into town, as it will be our repeat procession of the Carnival. I found a YouTube short film of this years procession on Sunday.

The whole procedure is actually about 2 hours, so this is a shortened version just to give you an idea of what it actually is.

I was off to the store yesterday morning with the online shopping list on my iPhone. Food is not such a problem to buy as you know what you want to cook. It is the other bits and pieces like cleaning materials and toilet articles. Since I am now dealing with it on my own, I have to think for both of us but I managed to get it all.

I cleaned some windows this morning whilst my cleaning lady was busy in the kitchen, so progress is being made. She is now moving onto the bathroom and shower and I will move onto the kitchen to begin cooking lunch. This evening it will just be Mr. Swiss and I for the evening meal as No. 1 son will be in town for the repeat performance of the procession. Afterwards it is is the big concert of the various music groups and everyone goes to a certain bridge in town to jump up and down when it does begin to shake and uttering the words “Ig mag nummer” meaning “I can no longer”. I know it sounds silly, but it is all in the name of carnival tradition.

Fasnacht 28.02 (67)

And now I will move on like this group of carnival people and trust you all have a good day.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It is a very popular occasion in our Kanton. Not all parts of Switzerland celebrate. Zürich does not have a carnival at all. Basel and Luzern are the main places and then our Kanton of Solothurn in the german speaking part of Switzerland.

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    • Our last day will be Wednesday when they burn a gigantic doll stuffed with fireworks on the main place in town in the evening whilst a music group march around it playing a well known song here.


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