RDP Monday: Speculate

Swiss Apple flan with cream

Monday is a little more stress than usual. As the cupboard is bare I must refurbish food supplies in the morning at the store and clean away the bits and pieces from the week-end. This means that lunch is later and so is my after dinner sleep, leading to the result that I only rise from hugging the  bed some time between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. This is no problem really but whilst finishing my golden oldie sleep I was speculating on the remainders of yesterday’s Swiss Apple tart with some whipped cream.

This was the proverbial carrot dangling in front of my nose when I decided to leave my bed. Although someone had also taken a piece of the tart, there was still enough left for an afternoon refreshment.


I also noticed that my local supermarket was also speculating with further business when I received their monthly letter today. For every rappen (cent) I spend in the store I get accumulated money tokens which I can exchange for their value in the store. I suppose it is all psychological to keep my custom as I cannot imagine a business gifting us with their products, but this month I received 84 Swiss francs worth of tokens which I will exchange with my next big week-end buys. The crafty bit is when I exchange them I no longer get an accumulated value for the money I spend at the time. They give with the one hand and take with the other I suppose. However, this is not all. In this information I also received 2 monthly 3x points which means more points at the end of the day, and if I tank up at their petrol station, which I probably will this month, I also get a 5 rappen (cent) advantage, although I am not quite sure how that one works.

If I decide to shop on line for a value over 100 Swiss francs I will not have to pay delivery charges. I am still thinking about that one. The last time I shopped online was because we had a snow storm and I could not get to the store. I actually like shopping and meeting other people and seeing other places.

This month seems to be full of speculations. Shopping is becoming a logistical training and I have special places in my purse for keeping all the various documents. I do not believe for one moment that my supermarket is being kind and benevolent. They look after themselves first of all, but I just go with the stream of other shoppers.

RDP Monday: Speculate

6 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Speculate

  1. Around Christmas my store does something similar, but so far I’ve never spent enough at one time to reap the discount (which is a lot). I try but… I suppose I could just buy enough dog food for the YEAR. 😀

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    • It is a regular thing here at this certain store chain (Migros). It is called “Cumulus” because the points accumulate. It is not really a discount, just a monthly rebate of a percentage of what you have spent, issued in their own notes.

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  2. We now get all that stuff from the grocery store online. I clip the coupons electronically and they automatically show up on the bill. AND … eventually … we get a discount. It’s not a lot, but it beats nothing by a considerable amount.

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  3. Some of my coworkers order all their groceries online, pay for them with a credit card and then drive to the store to have them loaded into their car. I do prefer to do my own shopping…seeing something that I haven’t tried before and adding it to the cart. But I enjoy talking with the people there, also…and trying out the free food sample they sometimes have.

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    • I agree. I would miss seeing the people, having daily conversations with the sales people and of course trying the food samples. I also like to choose what I buy, especially the meat. I agree entirely with your point of view

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