RDP Tuesday: Fault

River Aare 23.02 (4)

As you get older you tend to forget
I am greeted by people by name and I sweat
The face is familiar, but from where are they known
Was it when I was working or perhaps another zone
I talk to Mr. Swiss and he fills in the gaps
But then I have to help him to find computer snaps
We both have our faults, that we have to complete
That is the fun in our lives, because in the middle we meet
So if I think A, he is thinking B
I have moved onto C and he is now by D
We both have a stick to enable us to walk
He loses his constantly so I become his hawk
I find his stick everywhere, but where have I left my Phone
We all have our faults, I really must not moan
But life as golden oldies also has its perks
We grew old together so living together still works
Like stones on the river bed, we are fixed and firm
Even in our ongoing years, we are a team that does not squirm

RDP Tuesday: Fault

11 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Fault

  1. Yesterday, I got up, turned on the coffee, went back to get dressed, came out and there was no coffee. Garry had done everything — except put water in the machine. I added water. Voila! Coffee hissed down the chute.

    We do get used to turning off each others’ lights, going to doctors together because that means ONE of us is likely to remember what the guy said. Or, as Simon & Garfunkle said: “Leaning together like bookends.” It sounded sad in the song, but in life, it’s nice. Friendly. companionable.

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    • Mr. Swiss just said its a similar situation at our end – and he should know. At least I drink tea and he drinks coffee, so no confusion there. Mr. Swiss has to go to the doctors with me, because I am driving the car. It’s a funny thing with the lights at night. I turn my lamp off and his mobile photo light is still burning, so I have to remind him to turn it off, otherwise the battery is finished. We just have to keep an eye on each other. I made it quite clear from the beginning that it is his job to switch off the TV. I cannot remember how to do it.


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