Good Morning


Since hree days I have been battling with a cough and a nose that has been resembling a tap someone forgot to turn off. Yesterday night was the daddy of them all and I took turns i sneezing, coughing and using a box of paper handkerchieves. Every time I tried to settle down to a sleep my nose reported that it was dripping again, and as you can see it is not the economy size. I am now sitting at the table and battling my way through the computer.

Sunset A 23.02 (6)

And that is all I have to say this morning as I am falling asleep as I am writing this piece. we had a woderful sunset yesterday, but I am now too tired to appreciate it. I will now return to my bed to catch up on my lost sleep and see you around later.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning! typo first sentence, missing letter 2nd word, presumably “hree” should be “three”. Hope you feel better and it morphs to “hee”!


  2. I think we have the same cold. I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. It’s worst at night and I’m running out of tissues. Toilet paper is nothing like a real tissue. But it’s better today, so there’s hope. But I’m still coughing, just hoping it doesn’t
    get any worse.


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