Good Morning

Morning Sky

Such a wonderful morning, the sun is shining but there is a cold breeze blowing, so what could possibly go wrong? Son No. 1 is off for the day for a visit to Geneva  – a two hour train ride each way, and Mr. Swiss and I will be alone all day. The food is planned and I really intend(ded) to go for a wheelie this afternoon until I opened the fridge to make my breakfast and realised that I forgot to buy butter yesterday,  I really did not intend to do any shopping today as I wanted to go for a wheelie this afternoon in my chair with my new camera. I then had a quick appraisal of the situation.

How much butter do I need today? I still had a complete 250 gramme pack. Cooking for lunch, but otherwise none as we have a store pizza for the evening meal. Tomorrow on Sunday I have boiled beef and veg and then I really do not need butter.  It might be a problem for Sunday evening but I seem to be the only one that likes a spread of butter on bread, and usually Sunday evening is choice of the fridge, meaning for me some potato chips and a piece of cheese. The men have a cervelat (Swiss sausage) so I think we will survive.

In the good old days when Mr. Swiss still had a driving licence, he would go quickly to the store and bring it on Saturday morning. Now it all rests on my weary shoulders and I was absolutely not planning on wasting time today on a shopping trip. I think we will survive. I also managed to break a glass jar of jam this morning, but we have enough jam. And who knows. Perhaps the weather will change its mind and it will rain this afternoon, so a trip to the store will make no difference.

It was only yesterday when Mr. Swiss and I had a discussion about the state of the family nation. If I would have one of my unforeseen accidents which can happen, he would be alone at home and would not be able to go shopping as his walking days are over in the outside world. No. 1 son would do the necessary, but he works during the day. Of course there are oganisations that help, but it always a question of the money. Switzerland is not so socially minded in that respect.

Crows 22.02 (6)

At least the crows have a few beak fulls of bread for their daily food.

Snowdrops 22.02 (2)

I was busy in the front garden with my zoom lens yesterday and managed to capture my snow drops who are flowering their little hearts out at the moment. It must be at least 10 years since I planted them and they never disappoint to arrive again in January/February.

And now to move on. Due to nocturnal coughing sessions when I should be sleeping and a stuffed up nose, accompanied with a sticky feeling around the eyes, I was a little exhausted this morning and decided to hug the bed longer. I noticed there are certain foods I should avoid at the moment like nuts and biscuits or anything really in between as I tend to get a coughing fit which can last for quite a while and serenades the neighbourhood.

I hope your day began better than mine, so let’s all look on the bright side. The computer is working and I can tell you all about it.

Afternoon Clouds 22.02 (2)

This was the sky yesterday afternoon, bright with some clouds.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …sounds like you are off to a dificult start … so many forks in the road … which one to take? I have started drizzling honey on the toast to replace the butter, I dunno if that results in fewer calories or not, but one can always hope I guess. Our sunrise has not occurred yet but it is coming earlier and earlier. It used to be about 6:40, now it is all the way back to 6:15. We change the clocks what seems like very early this year … March 10. Let;s see that is Spring forward, fall back isn’t it? So I guess that means we will have one more hour of darkness in the morning. Oh well. We do enjoy the light later into the evening though until Summer gets going and it doesn’t matter, dawn to dusk is 4:30 am to almost 9 pm, but it takes a few weeks to get to that situation. This is my favorite time of year though, the lengthening day. Enjoy yours ….and don’t fret … it will all work out OK. SLP

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    • I have plenty of honey that people give to me that make their own, but I am diabetic, so try to avoid it. We don’t change our clocks until the end of next month.


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  3. I hope you get to feeling better. Coughing and sneezing doesn’t feel like ‘sick’ in the very sense of the word, but it is the most aggravating thing when you cannot stop coughing and/or sneezing.

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