FOWC with Fandango: Theory


I did not need a theory lesson to take a photo with my mobile phone, I just shot the photo half an hour ago. Clouds do not wait for theory and being honest, I was never a theory person. I learned how to play the piano and someone had to show me how to read the notes. Afterwards I had a teacher that decided to go into the basic theory of music with tetrachords etc. That was when I decided no thank you. I just wanted to play the piano

I am a “learning by doing” person. If I do it then I know how it works for the next time. Computer programmes are one big repetition. You are repeating constantly so you should get the idea eventually. It was the same at school. A new mathematical theory? The more you applied it, the easier it was. Of course after I left school my life was reality and not theory, so I just did it. What did I have to lose? I am still trying to understand the Swiss income tax form. Mr. Swiss gave me lessons and he showed me how well he can do it, so I admired his grip on the theory. Unfortunately I was not doing it myself, just admiring, so I never really got the hang of it. You can only really learn to drive a car if you drive it yourself and no-one could drive my wheelchair with me. It was all I, me and myself.

I decided I wanted a Macbook as well as the normal windows computer so I bought one and did it all on my own. There is no-one at home that can work on a Mac. Cooking is also a self instruction. You might have a cookery book, but your own style gives it that individual touch. Learn a foreign language. The teachers point you in the right direction, but talking the language is the main advantage.

Yes, I am a self made person. Who needs theory. I invent my own theory.

FOWC with Fandango: Theory

5 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Theory

  1. My mother played piano pretty well but never learned to read the notes. Blind people play too — and for obvious reasons, don’t read notes. In fact, of all the things you can learn without knowing the theory, music tops my list. If you can hear it and reproduce it, it’s music.

    I never read notes terribly well. My ear was better than my reading … but that was also why I didn’t get as good as I might have gotten. I had to hear it or I couldn’t play it — even WITH the notes. It helps to start music lessons very young so that the “theory” and the playing are one package. I had one teacher who tried to teach me to read notes by making me play music that required note reading — it wasn’t something I could “hear” and reproduce. It didn’t work well for me.

    Usually, I learn stuff and theory comes later, if at all. Mostly, I learned theory when I needed it for work although like you, I’ve picked up a lot of theory from other people. I learned ALL photography by looking at it, figuring out what made this a good picture, then trying to reproduce something similar — in some cases, trying to reproduce the SAME picture if I could. In photography, your eyes tell you most of what you need to know and in music, your ears do the same. Unless you are going to be playing in a group, the notes aren’t all that important, but if you are in a group, you all need to be in the same key and know when to pause, when to start playing again, etc. I was not good in groups.

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