Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Looks like a cloudy day today, but nothing threatening and in the meanwhile the sun is shining. This morning I have no stress with week-end shopping as I will be doing it this afternoon. I am still getting used to my new timetable, but it suits me better. Yesterday I planned on a stress free day with a wheelie in the afternoon, but due to a sleep after lunch and a computer problem things did not turn out as they should.

It seems my computer problem was only on my iPad and I had to clear it as there was too much rubbish stored in the browser. I have had my iPad a few years now, but it should still be working fine.

Crows 21.02 (8)

I also forgot to upload my photos of the crows to my online place yesterday, and had to move to my other computer now to get it done. They had arrived for breakfast and were making the most of it. Gradually the time is coming when they no longer need my bird canteen. Even the sparrows are eating less food from the feeder. Due to the good weather I think they have other thoughts in mind like nesting for family reasons.

Crows 21.02 (2)

Yesterday I got my car insurance to pay, so now I am a fully fledged car owner. The road tax is also dealt with. They were the first to arrive with their requests, typical state. I must say owning a car is not cheap. Our old car has now been scrapped and the remains have even been sold. It seems someone can use some of the parts. The motor was still OK, it was the body that took the main hits of the meeting with a lamp post. Even the lamp post has been replaced, at our cost. Other internal parts of the car were also still alive. On Monday I will travel to the garage with Mr. Swiss to pick up the money for the remains. At least this time someone will be paying us.

I used our new shower yesterday and must say it is now real comfort. Having a seat makes it a lot easier and more secure, especially when washing my hair. I no loger have to balance and hope I do not fall in the shower.

I am suffering with a sore throat and cough at the moment. During the day I can manage, but at night I have these coughing sessions now and again. It is the first cold I have had for years and I really do not know how I picked it up, but I must have been sitting in a draught somewhere. Luckily I am the only one in the family with it – at the moment. I really do not want a “man cold” hanging around as well. It hits the men harder than the women as we all know.

Reflections River Aare

I have a thing with reflections in the river at the moment and discovered that even cranes have their good points if they are parked near the river.

And now I really must go. I have the excitement of cleaning the apartment and cooking. Mr. Swiss was quite astonished when I said there is no shopping trip this morning. “What about lunch?” he asked. I reassured him that that was organised on the last shopping trip and is sitting in the fridge. He is now happy that life will continue as normal.

I hope your lives are continuing as normal and that the day before the week-end will be a good finale to the week. Keep well and look after yourselves.

Swans 19.02 (1)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It took me a while to figure out what that last photo was … it is a swan with the head ducking into the water? At first I thought it was a rock and I thought … welll this is weird .. .but then I figured it out. It just goes to show .. things aren’t always as they seem.

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