A Photo a Week Challenge: Black & White

Hauptgasse 19.02 (1)

I went for a wheelie in my chair and found myself on the top steps leading to the cathedral. With a zoom lens ready I could focus on the main place in Solothurn from above, the local town. In the middle is a little hut which now has a carnival decoration on the top. It is the hut where hot roasted chestnuts are sold throughout the Winter. On either side there are shops and at the front a restaurant. There are always families meandering around the town. Traffic is allowed but only for bringing people to the hotels, or for handicapped, like myself, with their car. The walks are paved with cobblestones as in the town when originally built.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Black & White

FOWC with Fandango: Undermine

Renovation 19.04 (9)

2 years ago my existence was undermined by a meeting at our estate where the majority decided that we should be renovated. Not just a slap of paint and a few added bits ad pieces, but a complete renovation down to the bare brick walls. When I saw the first crew arrive with the metal poles and climbing ropes,  I realised that the peace and quiet of the rural surroundings would be destroyed. How much it would be destroyed I did not realise at the time.

It soon came to pass that drills, automatic screw drivers and hammers would be our background tunes for the next few months. They said it would be only four months, but it extended from April to October, although I would say the noise only began in May and continued until September. The last month was just quiet painting in the right places.

My lunch time sleep was now a thing of the past. Who sleeps with a background of sqeals from machines that like to talk to each other, and that also cause vibrations? Now and again we even had light shows

Renovation 08.05 (13)

which made an interesting interlude for my camera. I remember when one of the workers with his sparkling grinder told me to step back as it could be that my camera lens could be hit by some flying sparks.

All good things come to an end and one day our team of merry builders were no longer there. They had disappeared overnight, to be replaced by the artists, those with the paint brushes in the hand instead of the pneumatic drills.


They hid behind plastic sheets. A true artist always reveals his work when it is completely finished.

And one day there was silence. They were gone, and never to be seen since. I do not really miss them, only the opportunity of being able to take fresh photos daily.

FOWC with Fandango: Undermine

RDP Thursday: Wan

Waning Cloud
Have you seen a cloud waning
It is making its last call
I saw it high above
Stretching on a crawl
Suddenly its mass was lost
Dissolving, spreading fine
I think the cloud was dying
Although it did not whine
It dissolved into the blue
Never again to be seen
Did it really exist, or was it just a dream
Perhaps it floated further
but where it did not say
Clouds are very silent
Travelling on their way

RDP Thursday: Wan

Good Morning

Crow 19.02.2019

At last I did it. I have always admired the photos I see here of birds in flight, because I have never managed it, but with a camera that functions as it should I did it. It is more luck than judgement as the crows do not tell you when they are planning to fly, they just do it. This one had finished his morning breakfast, thanks to me and the bread remainders, and was flying home with a few bread trophies in its beak for later. I pressed the shutter at the right time and caught him in take off. I know it does not  exactly set the world on fire, but it set my little world on fire.

Otherwise life goes on as usual, and another sunny day ahead. Even photos of the sun arriving in the morning are now getting boring. I am on the look out for flaming colours, but everything is blue at the moment.

Yesterday morning the plumber fitted up my new shower arrangement, Shower, and I am now a happy bunny. He worked well and was finished in two hours. I then had a free afternoon, althought was on a shopping trip as I no longer go so often in the morning – too much stress. The supermarket was almost empty so it was quite comfortable. I had to load up a 6 bottle pack of Pepsi again but there were two young men from the store room that readily helped with some kind words a well. It is always a pleasure to hear friendly helpful words.

I had a bit of a problem with my cat’s medicine yesterday. I mix it with his evening meal. The bottle is a little difficult to handle as it is organised that I can fill a supplied plastic tube with the right amount and it broke apart. I managed to give it to Tabby yesterday, but most of it was spilt. At a cost of 47.50 Swiss francs for a replacement, I was not so happy. I also do not like going to the vets as it is not east to climb the steps with a walker or to find a parking spot. My No.1 son to the rescue. I phoned the vet this morning to organise the replacement for my son to pick up. In the meanwhile the vet called me to say she had contacted the supplying company and to bring the old bottle because this should not happen. there is a chance that I will get a replacement free of charge. In the meanwhile Son No. 1 fetches a new bottle.

We also have another morning of fresh bed linen, which also needs time, but I have no urgent appointments today. Am perhaps on my way again this afternoon, trying out the new camera.

Flying birds 19.02 (1)

And now to move on with bed making cleaning and of course, I cannot wait to try out my new shower. This afternoon, time permitting, I was thinking of a cemetery re-visit and castle wheelie where there is a farm. I hope to get some photos of some chickens, ducks and geese, as well as a quick visit to the horses. Perhaps the cows are out on the fields again, although it is a little early.

Have a good  day or sleep well and enjoy the reflection of our cathedral in the local River Aare.

St.Urs Cathedral 19.02 (1)