RDP Wednesday: Sprout

Brussel Sprout

An ode to a brussel sprout I am sure no-one has written
I know not everyone likes them and so are not so smitten
My mum always cooked them with the Sunday roasted meat
For me they were too soft and squidgy, and so I did not eat
One day I had my own family and had to cook the food
I discovered in the Winter months that brussel sprouts I should include
And so I removed outside leaves and boiled them in the water
Mr. Swiss said he did not like them, but I cooked them how I ought to
Not boiling them for half an hour was how my mum would do it
My timing was for 10 minutes applying my own true wit
Now they became a family favourite because they had a bite
It seemed my method did credit to the sprouts and I was cooking it right
A Christmas turkey must have its sprout, it belongs on the festive plate
And now the family fight for the last one, the sprout now carries its weight

Brussel sprouts 16.01 (1)

RDP Wednesday: Sprout

30 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Sprout

  1. I thin the English believe veggies are meant to be cooked till they die — my mother cooked them in the pressure cooker longer than I would cook them just on the stove top! I didn’t learn to like most veggies until I started to cook them for myself!

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    • I like them as an accompany veg. The problem is I can only cook them when No. 1 son is not at home for dinner, which he always is. Otherwise I cook them and an extra veg for him. He will not eat them (I think it is because they are green).

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  2. Oh how I love this poem. Likewise, my mom would cook them into mush just like every other vegetable that was mushable. I usually buy them as microwavable packages all set to go but that’s not planet-friendly or as healthy as it could be. I’ve heard that roasted brussel sprout, cut in half with balsamic vinegar are good but haven’t tried them that way yet….

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  3. I was never a fan of brussels sprouts because they were always prepared as you describe: overcooked. And they looked awful too. That is, until my daughter convinced me that roasting makes a huge difference. Coat/toss in oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. High temp until tender spread out in a shallow pan. Totally different eating experience. Will also work on the outside grill wrapped in foil. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I don’t recall ever having brussels sprouts when I was growing up. I buy them now, and we love them! You are right though–if you boil them within an inch of their life–they are mush and totally inedible.

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