Good Morning

Morning clouds

An advantage of being later in the morning is that the sky develops a little more pattern with the clouds. It is now approaching midday and my cleaning lady is busy with my bathroom and shower, so I am also a little later wishing  a good morning. It looks like it will be another early Spring day today and now I am determined to go somewhere this afternoon with my new camera and lens. I will even set the alarm to make sure I do not sleep too long.

Crow 18.02.2019

And at last I manage to capture a crow yesterday in the garden showing his feathers reflecting in the sun. My old camera never managed such a detailed photo as black is a difficult colour to capture in detail, but thanks to my new 300 telescopic zoom lens it worked, although I still have a lot to learn.

Sparrow 18.02 (1)

Even the sparrow posed for a photo before taking a drink.

What else did I do yesterday? Apart from the usual blogs I completed the guarantees for my new camera equipment on the Nikon online page. I again slept too long, so there was not a lot of spare time in the afternoon.

Cutting trees

I noticed a lot of noise this morning outside and was sure there would be a photo or two to take. It seems that two men were busy vacuuming the leaves away from the Winter. We Swiss like everything to be neat and tidy. The was also a machine to remove the unwanted branches from the trees.

There is no shopping to do today thank goodness. I have no reprogrammed and my next trip will be on Wednesday afternoon followed by Friday week-end shopping also in the afternoon. This means I will have more time in the morning to clean and cook and relax. I can then fit my wheelies into the days when I do not go shopping. I had to find a new system as Mr. Swiss can no longer help with the shopping and no longer drives a car. It also means that he will also have more time in the afternoon to go with me. Poor man has no good opportunities now to get out and is cooped up at home. When the summer months arrive he can sit more in the garden.

I have now slowly become an official carer, but it is not a big problem as long as I can manage. I noticed that the more action I have the better it is for my MS. I do not get rusty. I remember my parents and grandparents getting older, and of course life was different for them. I now realise how much different.  being also now a golden oldie. We looked forward to being retired and pleasing ourselves what to do with our days, but there is also a shadow side and health plays a big part.

However, we are still here, and making the most of it. Life is full of surprises. So enjoy your day.

Snowy morning

I just found this photo in my archives from a last year on 28th February,  so I hope it will not be the shape of things to come this year. I have had enough of the snowy Winter weather.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I has been really, really bitter cold with high winds (yes Albuquerque has a winter, but not usually so bleak). Although the temperature was already below freezing, with the wind chill it was “Real Feel” 2 degrees F (-16.6 C)!! But we went out to a dinner and talk last night, and it was so interesting we were glad we braved the weather. This morning it was snowing but rather feebly; more on the mountains. I always feel sorry for tourists who believe the desert will be hot, whatever the month, and arrive with summer clothing. We have four good seasons, just not as severe as this one. Stay warm, and I hope you get out for a wheelie today. Blue Skies!

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