16 thoughts on “FOTD 19th February 2019: Canna

  1. Mine are taking over now and as I have quite a small garden I’ve had to dig some up. Fortunately I have a friend who was waiting for them so they haven’t had to go on the compost. They are quite lovely aren’t they? One of my clumps of said Canna’s comes up to window height by one of my spare rooms and my guests delight in it when they pull the curtain. I’m always impatient for someone to visit me when they are in bloom.

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      • Oh, it SO was! I did not want to pay money for something as ‘common’ as a canna, and I really did not want to pay money for a canna with bronzed foliage, but I got the dark bronze ‘Australia’ canna. Someone who worked at the store that my downtown planter box is in front of really likes bronze foliage, and suggested it to contrast with they light yellowish green of the big aeoniums. Although it is not something that I would want in my own garden, is works very nicely there!

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