FOWC with Fandango: Lethargic

Swans 13.07 (1)

It seems that even swans like to have their quiet moments. I saw them in a group from the river bank, just floating in the water and apparently sleeping and doing it synchronised.

Lethargy is not something I know. Action is what keeps me going and I need it. If I feel tired I can have a lay down. My lethargy is so-called fatigue from MS, but even that can be avoided with a few minutes rest in between. I do not have a time table being a golden oldie, so somewhere there is always an opportunity to take it easy. I need my daily exercise, physically and mentally. I cannot remember the last time when I was lethargic. My motto seems to be “what can I do now” and so I am now off to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal. My daily blogs are almost finished except for one and this evening I have some online payments to deal with. Time waits for no-one. I also have some ironing to do. I suppose I could watch the TV, but prefer to read. It is always action time at my place.

FOWC with Fandango: Lethargic

RDP Monday: Key


In the olden days they made sure that you did not lose your key. You could not even wear them on a string around your neck. I think they somehow hung them on their belt. As time progressed they got smaller.

I remember when my autistic son was about four years old. It was after breakfast and I was still in my dressing gown, not yet showered and alone with him in the apartment. I had to go to the laundry room in the cellar to put linen in the washing machine and left him in the apartment. He was playing and it was a matter of a couple of minutes. I returned to the apartment and the door was locked – from the inside. I had left the key in the lock and autistic son decided to turn it.

“Open the door son, I cannot get in.”

Nothing happened. I asked again. Afterwards I knocked at the door and heard a laugh from the inside, but No. 1 son still did nt open the door. In the meanwhile my neighbour herd the commotion and joined me in front of a locked door,  but still no response or action from No. 1 son.  Autists can be quite determined and often see the amusing side of the problem, which did not help very much. There I was dressed in my night attire, luckily covered with my dressing gown standing in front of the main door. At least I had a neighbour to talk to and this was at the beginning of the seventies when mobile phones were still an idea and a feature of films, but not reality. Eventually there was only one solution as No. 1 son had found this to be a great game. The neighbour let me use her phone to call a locksmith. Half an hour later he arrived and found the whole situation quite amusing. I was younger still had a shape and this was embarrassing to say the least being in my nightdress and gown.

I cannot remember the exact details, but he opened my apartment door, although I believe I had to have the lock replaced afterwards. I think it was a forced entry. I was worried about my autistic son and envisaged he had now progressed from the amusing to panic. What a mistake. We opened the door and he was standing in the hall with a smile on his face. Sorry, but child psychology was not my thing after more than an hour standing in the hallway of our flats with a few neighbours who arrived now and again to see what the noise was, and the locksmith who also found this situation something completely different. I think it brightened up his boring morning.

And son No 1? After we were reunited I did not hug him and comfort him, no. I got rather loud and perhaps my hand slipped,  nobody is perfect. No. 1 son no longer found the situation fun. I believe he even shed a few tears. This was more than 50 years ago, but there are some situations you never forget.

RDP Monday: Key

Good Morning


And it looks like another record breaking sunny day today. According to a fake newspaper that I have online with its various messages during the day, this months seems to be a record breaking month for all time (how did they work that one out) for temperatures and sunny weather. Mr. Swiss tells me it could change next week, but he is Swiss and they always look on the bright side of dim. All I know is that the mornings are cold, but sunny and the birds are singing there little hearts out. They do not even bother so much with the feeders. Perhaps they are now thinking in terms of nest building.

Sparrow 17.02 (10)

Now and again a sparrow discovers some bread pieces and decides to have a sample. It is so much easier now with my new 300 telescopic zoom lens as I can take the photos in the comfort of the kitchen at the table whilst eating breakfast.

Magpie 17.02 (3)

The most spectacular capture I got yesterday was my magpie. Every morning he flies over to see what the crows have left and sits patiently in the tree waiting for the opportunity to grab some food.

Blackbird 17.02 (1)

As usual the crows take the first pick with their record breaking beaks full of the offerings of the day.  They afterwards fly off, probably to a quiet tree, and make the most of the feast.

Yesterday was a bit of a more eventful day as we had a couple of friends visit us. It was such lovely weather that we could sit outside on the porch with our cake and coffee/mineral water and enjoy the afternoon sun. It began to get a little chilly towards 5.00 pm. This weather is really unbelievable at the moment.

This week I have no big plans of having to fulfil any special duties. It will be the good old routine and I hope to get out a bit with my new camera. This morning will be shopping and I am not sure about the afternoon. As the Scottish poet Robbie Burns said in a poem “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men  Gang aft a-gley, meaning often go awry.  He seemed to write everything with his Scottish dialect. I am hoping that my week will not gang a-gley and that it will be smooth runnings.

Now to the usual routine with a shower and cleaning ritual and then off to the supermarket in my trusty steed.

Begin your week well and may it be a good one. If not, then it can always get better. I finish with a Spring greeting from the wilds of Switzerland where the cows and crows say goodnight to each other.