RDP Saturday: Lost

I never get lost, but there are other things that do.

iPhone X

For example Mr. Swiss and I both have a mobile phone. They are our lifelines to the outside world, they accompany us wherever we go, at least they should, but nobody’s perfect.

“Have you seen my phone.”

“No idea.”

“Can you call me?”

And so I call Mr. Swiss and somewhere in a dark corner we both hear a phone ringing and we follow the sound until we find it. I am also not innocent. Mr. Swiss calls my number and eventually it is somewhere in the pocket of a jacket, in my walker, or perhaps next to the bed.

There is of course another problem which can happen. I call Mr. Swiss, or he calls me, and we hear nothing. This is either because Mr. Swiss forgot to charge his phone and it is dead, perhaps he muted it, or mine is still on flight mode because I switch it off through the night to guarantee a good sleep and forget to switch it back on again. Mr. Swiss only gets  the voice on my phone telling him I am not available. It also might be that I have switched the telephone to mute because WordPress are continuously reminding me that I have a like or comment. That does not bother me at all, it’s alive and someone is communicating. It bothers Mr. Swiss as he might be reading a book and watching a TV programme and all I see is a flashing light from the screen if it needs me.

And so two golden oldies are constantly searching for their mobile phones.

RDP Saturday: Lost

18 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Lost

  1. Well, for what it is worth, my “new” phone is working and has my name on it and everything. Correct number, too. I still am not going to use it any more than I used the other one, but it’s nice to have exactly the same features for 1/3 the price.

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    • The main thing is that it works. I would now be lost without mine. Telephone calls are only made and received form doctors it seems, but I need it for a lot of other stuff.


  2. Gosh, we are all guilty when it comes to his subject, aren’t we?! Just today, I found my phone very quiet until I realised that I had the tone shut off all day – it was heaven!!!!

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