FOWC with Fandango: Paradise


Last Wednesday I went to the supermarket. It was 13th of the month I remember. Actually I walked past the entrance as I wanted to take the lift down to get something in another shop. There was a young lady standing at the entrance and she asked me if I would like an apple. I took a good look, but she looked quite officiallly dressed standing next to a sack full of apples.

She gave me an apple, with a brochure and told me they were the best apples you could eat, full of mouth watering deliciousness, never to be forgotton. Perhaps she was overdoing it and I was sure I saw a flash of red in her eyes as she said these words.

I walked on with the apple in my bag and took the lift. When I had fiished my business on the lower floor I returned to the supermarket to get the the remainder on my shopping list. The lady was still standing there and gave me another apple. I told her she gave me one as I walked past a few minutes before. She said that is OK, she cannot recognise everyone and I should just accept a second apple (did I hear a strange laugh in the background?). I was glad as I though Mr. Swiss would also appreciate an apple.

She was no longer there when I left the supermarket and her place was empty. There was just the empty sack on the ground. Did I see something moving i the sack, did I hear a hiss, did something squirm quickly across the floor? I decided my imagination was playing tricks on me.

We still have the apples at home, and they are looking as fresh as ever, but I decided not to take a bite – you never know.

FOWC with Fandango: Paradise

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