FOWC with Fandango: Durable

Computers and Mouse

I was doing a little bit of organising yesterday in my Computer department in the apartment. I found a  Lenovo computer which is still in good working condition and Mr. Swiss old Acer Aspire Black Edition computer which he decided was not his thing. In the meanwhile he also had an Apple and HP and is now works on a Microsoft Surface Book. I am also not innocent as I work on two computers: also a Acer Aspire Black Edition, which is my regular Microsoft machine and my Apple Macbook which is my favourite. There were also six mice (or mouses) which seemed to be a little wild as I am still not sure which computers they belong(ed) to. I also have a mouse for each of my two computers and so does Mr. Swiss for his. In other words we are a small computer asylum

I am sure they are still all in good working condition, but you can only work on one computer. I have three iPads which are no longer in use and Mr. Swiss also as many.

It seems to be the modern trend that you no longer use the old but buy the new. I wonder is there a graveyard somewhere with forgotten computers and mice. Every year/month we are inundated with new developments in the computer industry, so buy the new and push the old to one side.

I have now adopted the left over computers from Mr. Swiss, but even I can only use one at a time. I allow myself the luxury of mainly using my Apple but keeping my Acer for the 50,000 photos that have to be stored somewhere.

I no longer save very much on the computer, except for the photos, which are also in an online programme. One day, let’s face it, my computers and those of Mr. Swiss will be homeless, they will no longer have an owner. Perhaps there is  a cyber sky where they afterwards go for their eternal sleep, a special cloud governing all other clouds. Does our data die with us or does it still live somewhere. Some things will never die and I can imagine in 500 years somewhere in a museum a computer, through a fluke, will again begin to relive the old days. Imagine the future homo sapiens wondering what a blog was, or a byte, a browser and a keyboard, probably all then obsolete. They might even try to feed the abandoned mice.

These hardware objects will never die, they were made to last, but we replace them continuously. And the no longer wanted? They will live on.

FOWC with Fandango: Durable

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Durable

  1. I’m a fine one to talk. I’ve got the PC and the Mac Air — and Garry has his Google and his iPad and we both have who knows how many Kindles.

    Our mouses NEVER wear out. I get whatever is going for short money from Logitech and they last forever unless dropped and stepped on or the dog ate it. I actually gave some away because I had no more room for extras. I also sold off three or four other computers and all my extra cameras — well not ALL of them — because it was a little ridiculous. Then again, why not? This is what we enjoy. Let’s have FUN.

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    • No, mice don’t die, but somehow they breed and they are indestructible. The Lenovo computer is a mystery as I don’t remember getting it. They are all laptops. We had a couple of the big ones, but got rid of them. I know Mr. Swiss Acer is in perfect condition, but he had problems with it . His computers are full of music.


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