Good Morning

Morning Sunrise

What a wonderful sunny morning. I have not seen one like that for a long while. Is the Winter really thinking of saying goodbye. You never know, perhaps we might have snow again next week

Sunset in Feldbrunnen

Yesterday evening we had a great sunset as the sun descended in the West, although my camera did not capture everything. And now I have decided to raid my savings account and get myself a new Nikon camera. The one I have now is getting on in years and the motor no longer functions as well as it should for focussing. I was going to wait for a few months, but in the meanwhile I am not getting younger and all I need is the basis camera. I have all the lens I need, although a wide lens is on my list, but you cannot have everything. So today a Nikon D7500 will be on the shopping list,  an online order of course.

I must be swimming in money, as I also got the notification yesterday from my insurance that I will be receiving the annual car insurance bill within the next few days. It was an attachment in the mail so I printed it out and had a look. I am really supposed to understand 20 pages of clauses? Of course I had a look, but everything seems to be in order. Since buying my very own car I realise what it means financially.

But now to enjoy the day. I did have the widow open as I was writing, but have closed it again. There is definitely a nip in the air, but I am hoping that it will get a bit warmer during the day. I had a little bit of excitement this morning when cutting my bread. The last person(s) that cut bread were my other two family members at home. The first began to cut it on a slant to make bigger slices, I suppose, and the second continued. Now I just had the slanted remainders of the bread, which I do not like so much. I know I am fussy, but is it too much to ask for to have a nice straight end piece of  a loaf?

Again I slept too long yesterday after lunch and so had no time for a wheelie into town with my chair. I should definitely make an effort today.

This morning is a shopping tour at the local supermarket, although Wednesday is not so much. My problem is that the supermarket is such a large one and it seems I walk miles until I have everything. If only the trolleys had a motor.

Afternoon Clouds

Had some interesting clouds above yesterday so I was busy with snapping a few photos. The nice thing about clouds is that the picture changes frequently and you really catch a moment in time.

And now I must catch a moment in time and get on with my life with some housewife action with a vacuum cleaner a mop. Have a good day, and make the most of it.

Protea Nutans

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