FOWC with Fandango: Tribute

Solothurn 05.04 (59)

I read tributes every day in the newspaper for someone that did something that will forever be registered in human memory, and deserved are the tributes, but what about the still remainders. Those that are victims of daily stress.

I am thinking of the golden oldies. There are no exceptions in this world. If you do not have a computer, then you should because life without the necessary software is no longer so easy. Mr. Swiss and I grew into the system. We are both golden oldies now, but we had our methods of how to pay bills, order stuff, all online. It seems that there is a permanent need to update various systems and make them more sure against the cyber thieves and so every month, if not week, you are confronted with something new. Perhaps you have a new scanning device, you might have to recognise objects on photos (the captcha syndrome) or of course your passwords must be safer, longer, more complicated, and you are told not to write them down. It could be that someone finds them and your money is gone. You are expected to learn it all by memory, when you cannot even remember what you should buy when shopping.

So this blog is a tribute to all those golden oldies that have to get to terms with this new way of life and can do it, even if their grandchildren or children have to be at their side to help. They are the real heroes who never give up and battle with the online problems. I should know, I am one of them and so is Mr. Swiss.

FOWC with Fandango: Tribute

RDP Wednesday: Innovative

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (35)

And it all began with something like this
A terminal and a keyboard and now you were in bliss
Today I bought a new camera, and also got a lens
But believe me when I was finished, I was almost round the bends
I have a online company and they are very good
And so I sat on my computer and did the things I should
I even have a list with passwords and all that stuff
But at my first attempt it did not seem to be enough
And then I got a kaptcha with photos showing cars
there were also bridges and busses and shopfronts with steps and bars
But it did not want to eat my texts and so I took to the phone
I called the company and spoke to a human, one with flesh and bone
He was very good and said my name was my e-mail address
That was my mistake as Angloswiss was far too less
And now the deed is done and my card will pay the bill
But at the same time Mr. Swiss was also ready to kill
They have a new login system at the bank to protect you well
But when you reach 80 years, it really makes you yell
So imagine two golden oldies, whose inventive talents are gone
Let’s just switch on the TV and retire to our salon

RDP Wednesday: Innovative

Good Morning

Morning Sunrise

What a wonderful sunny morning. I have not seen one like that for a long while. Is the Winter really thinking of saying goodbye. You never know, perhaps we might have snow again next week

Sunset in Feldbrunnen

Yesterday evening we had a great sunset as the sun descended in the West, although my camera did not capture everything. And now I have decided to raid my savings account and get myself a new Nikon camera. The one I have now is getting on in years and the motor no longer functions as well as it should for focussing. I was going to wait for a few months, but in the meanwhile I am not getting younger and all I need is the basis camera. I have all the lens I need, although a wide lens is on my list, but you cannot have everything. So today a Nikon D7500 will be on the shopping list,  an online order of course.

I must be swimming in money, as I also got the notification yesterday from my insurance that I will be receiving the annual car insurance bill within the next few days. It was an attachment in the mail so I printed it out and had a look. I am really supposed to understand 20 pages of clauses? Of course I had a look, but everything seems to be in order. Since buying my very own car I realise what it means financially.

But now to enjoy the day. I did have the widow open as I was writing, but have closed it again. There is definitely a nip in the air, but I am hoping that it will get a bit warmer during the day. I had a little bit of excitement this morning when cutting my bread. The last person(s) that cut bread were my other two family members at home. The first began to cut it on a slant to make bigger slices, I suppose, and the second continued. Now I just had the slanted remainders of the bread, which I do not like so much. I know I am fussy, but is it too much to ask for to have a nice straight end piece of  a loaf?

Again I slept too long yesterday after lunch and so had no time for a wheelie into town with my chair. I should definitely make an effort today.

This morning is a shopping tour at the local supermarket, although Wednesday is not so much. My problem is that the supermarket is such a large one and it seems I walk miles until I have everything. If only the trolleys had a motor.

Afternoon Clouds

Had some interesting clouds above yesterday so I was busy with snapping a few photos. The nice thing about clouds is that the picture changes frequently and you really catch a moment in time.

And now I must catch a moment in time and get on with my life with some housewife action with a vacuum cleaner a mop. Have a good day, and make the most of it.

Protea Nutans