FOWC with Fandango: Petrified

Balm and Günsberg

There is a castle up there. The rocks of the mountain were safe, petrified, and so it was a good place to build your forttress in the mid 11th centuary and it is still there today. It is just half an hour drive from where we live. The Castle Ruins of Balm

Balm and Günsberg

I took the photos from below and no, I did not climb up to the castle. It would have been too petrifying for me.

FOWC with Fandango: Petrified

RDP Tuesday: Leaflet


Leaflets block your letter box. The letter box is overflowing, you can see the various colourful sheets of paper poking through. Mario now has a pizza delivery with at least 10 varieties. You have the telephone No. so all you need to do is call him and half an hour later the Mario, or Giovanni, or whoever, will deliver the pizza. Another leaflet to keep because it might come in useful.

Now, wait a minute, the local electronic shop has a sale. If you examine the leaflet carefully you find that the television you bought a month ago is now half price, if only you had waited. And that computer is three hundred francs cheaper. Shall I or shall I not, can I afford it? I will put the leaflet on one side and think about it. There is a new restaurant opening in town and if cut out the stamp on the leaflet and take it with me, I get a free drink with the meal, but it’s a vegetarian place and I like a nice juicy steak on my plate, although a mixed salad would go well with it. But wait, the local butcher has sent a leaflet telling me that beef is a special offer, but it is imported, not the local cows. I think I will throw that leaflet away, do not trust it.

The local supermarket is offering pasta, two for one. The leaflet says that if I buy a paket of spaghetti and a paket of noodles, or even two packets of each, I only have to pay for one. Put it one side with the others.

Memories of the working days when I would send kilos of leaflets all over the world advertising our products, translated into languages that I had never heard of. Single leaflets would be sent to the various customers showing the newest developments. Perhaps piles of leaflets would be placed at an exhibition somewhere, all in the name of advertising to sell. And perhaps they would arrive in a letter box somewhere in deepest Asia, or Africa, even the States and someone would put it on one side, because it might just come in useful one day.

I will have a look my leaflets in detail later when I have time. I now have to sweep the leaves up in the garden, the wind has blown them everywhere. It’s that time of the year, they are lying everywhere advertising that Autumn is around the corner.

leaf storm

And now there is a ring at the door. It’s Mario with the pizza delivery. What would we do without the leaflets?

RDP Tuesday: Leaflet

Good Morning


Lucia is here, my cleaning lady, looking after my shower, bathroom and kitchen so I am a little later this morning. While she is busy with her work, I have been cleaning the windows. As it is later the sun has risen illuminating an almost cloudless sky which is even blue. It really looks like it will be a good day today, although it is never certain. It needs only one rain cloud and the day is ruined.

Yesterday it rained all afternoon, mixed with snow and so I did not go anywhere. I so wanted to have a look at the monthly market, but there is not so much happening in such weather and so I made myself comfortable for a nice sleep after lunch. I was also a little exhausted. The problem with this MS thing is that it never tells you what it might do next and I had a stupid attack whilst shopping in the morning. I came through it OK but was very giddy and my legs were doing what they wanted to do, meaning I almost fell. I was glad when my list was complete and could return to the car. As soon as I was sitting down I felt OK again. Our supermarket has no seating opportunities in the actual store, only after the cash desks and then I do not have far to my parking space.

Today I feel better, but am not sure whether I will be wheeling along this afternoon. Mr. Swiss should make an appointment with his doc as she has not seen him for some time and he will need a chauffeuse. He has a definite appointment with another doc on Friday afternoon which certainly does not suit my timetable as Friday morning is week-end shopping, but I will survive I suppose.


And look what I am cooking for lunch. It will be an asparagus risotto when it is finished with rice. Our Swiss asparagus season only really begins in March, and we have mainly the white ones, but these are an import from Mexico (the ones that flew over the wall that has not yet been built). The local supermarket had them at a reasonable price, so I decided to make the most of it. I will peel them and chop them in pieces and fry them and then add the risotto rice, some saffron and a little white wine and cook them. It will be something completely different and you can sprinkle some parmesan cheese over it when cooked, according to taste.

I will now move on to start the meal. Have fun, see you later.