RDP Monday: Flare


Christmas cactus is a nice plant when it flowers, but let’s face it, the flowering only really happens at Christmas. I know there are exceptions, but generally we all wait until our cactus throws up its buds in Winter to add some colour to the season.

I had a look in wikipedia to see how it all happens where they grow in the wilds of South Eastern brazil where they originate. I did not know that either, but it seems they tend to grow on the heights of the trees and now and again shed a leaf or two that falls to a lower branch of the tree. It settles nicely on the angle where a branch has grown and decides to begin to grow.

I am not in Brazil, but in Switzerland and my Christmas cactus is growing in a pot. It has finished flowering and has decided to wander, but has nowhere to wander so is having a root flare up in its pot, which can be seen on the above photo. I felt sorry for it and  decided to give it a helping hand and today took a new pot and filled it with earth. I removed the leaves or whatever they are called with the roots and planted a couple in the new pot.


I am now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a wonderful flowering cactus, now two, at the end of the year. You never know. If they grow in the angles between branches and the trunk of trees, I am sure they have a good survival chance in a pot of earth.


RDP Monday: Flare

15 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Flare

  1. My wife also did this after Christmas and we have those little cuttings in little pots all over the place. Each is strategically positioned that it catches a few direct rays of sun each day, along with the strong indirect light. The sun is starting to shift again, we are only a month away from setting the clocks forward, so on sunny days, we check the sunbeams and shift the pots to make sure each little dollop of sunshine is maximized for its effect. SLP

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  2. I’ve had one for about 15 years. There was only one Christmas it didn’t bloom and that’s because it was relocated with a house move. I did read somewhere that it enjoys being put in a dark room or cupboard for a few days. Sometimes it flourishes and other times it looks pathetic. I find I have to repot it as you did. It then comes back healthier. They are pretty when blooming otherwise – blah! 🙂

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    • I once had an enormous one, I had repotted it twice and it had hundreds of flowers every Christmas and then one of m cats decided to taste a flower. I had to go to the vets with him. He was given some medicine and recovered. The vet told me that there is something in those cactus flowers that definitely does not agree with cats, and so I got rid of it. Now I have only one cat, Tabby, who has no interest in my plants, so I am risking it again. I find that the bright red flowering plants are better than those with the pink flowers.

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