FOWC with Fandango: Reason

River Aare Boat harbour 09.02.2019

In Summer there are  many boats moored here, every place occupied. As I passed by last week I noticed it was empty. The boats have gone, but where do they go? Boat places on our local river are rare and you often see boats rotting quietly on their mooring ropes, never being used for a float on the river. It seems that if you manage to get a place for your boat, you keep it, even if it originally belonged to the g-g-g grandfather. Never let it go, because you will never get another one and keep your boat there to prove that it is occupied.

This is often the case on the lakes in Switzerland. Mooring places are rare to come by, and if you do not have one, then you have to have the boat dragged from the water and transported for the Winter days to a boathouse which is an expensive undertaking. A colleague once bought a boat, but had nowhere to park it, because the mooring places were all occupied and so she had to haul it to and from the river every time she used it.

In this case the six boats usually parked here are probably now in a boathouse somewhere to keep nice and dry during the Winter months. There is a reason for everything I suppose, but I do not have a boat.

There is one larger boat always parked on the river, it seems to disappear for two weeks in Summer and then returns afterwards. It is bigger than the others. I really wonder why have a boat when you only use it for two weeks in the year.

FOWC with Fandango: Reason

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Reason

      • I didn’t mean you, I meant anyone who has a boat. This area is near inland lakes that lead out to Lake Michigan, so the dock spaces are at a premium like where you are at. We had a boat for a few years but there was no way to afford it with having to rent the slip, haul it out every year, etc, like you were saying.

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        • My friend told me it is a bit of a Mafia institution with boat parking spaces here and people never give them free, even if they no longer have a boat. And if you don’t have a mooring place it gets very expensive as you say

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  1. We once could have bought a house at the Lac Morat – WITH a mooring space. As we didn‘t have a boat and were never likely to get one, I just asked for the sake of asking how much the mooring place was costing (on top of the very expensive house) – it was 45k – BUT you can rent it out if you wish….. YEAH, like this was going to happen!!! As the house was not to our liking and frankly not very practical too, we turned away…… For all that money I can take a lovely cruise on any lake at any time and not have to worry about the upkeep etc. 🙂

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