RDP Sunday: Sage


It is raining outside, we have winds approaching 100 kph and there are objects flying around and I am on the quest for sage. I battled against the storm and discovered my sage sitting firmly in the earth. I grow it in my herb bed and have done for many years. Last year it died and was replaced in Autumn.

I again had enough sage to qualify for my kitchen. At the beginning there were large leaves, but they were removed for my meat dishes, my Saltimbocca and the insides of the chickens that were roasted. Now this is the promise of what is to come. The leaves are developing, they will grow and again become the support of my kitchen herbs.

In the meanwhile they are biding their time and will again develop their aromatic leaves for the next year.

RDP Sunday: Sage

11 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Sage

  1. Your herb garden looks spectacular, I can see the sage but also behind it many of the other herbs. I’m so jealous, I’ve tried in vain to start an herb garden that’s only resulted in frustration. That is some beautiful sage 😎

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    • I usually have to buy a new sage every year as it eventually gives up. Once I had a large bush that flowered constantly. My herb garden is now in raised beds because I can no longer bend to look after it. I now have thyme and savoury and rosemary and when spring arrives I plan of planting some dill. There is also chives which grow every year. Basil only lives for a year as our climate is too cold, so I buy it in pots. I do not bother with parsley as it is usually just food for the slugs.

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  2. I do not believe that any of the sages at work are the culinary sort, although there is probably something that would suffice. There are a few culinary herbs that have naturalized, including oregano, various lavenders, various mints, and of course, a few sages. There are not bay trees, but California bay is a native tree that we cut down regularly.

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