FOWC with Fandango: Pique

Clouds 09.02 (1)

My knowledge of words is getting weak
And so I have a new one called  “pique”
This sunset yesterday I saw aroused
It was really strange and I felt quite soused
Was it a stairway up to the sky
The sun illuminating, and not knowing why
Perhaps Jack was growing a beanstalk to climb
Something mysterious it just doesn’t rhyme
I was stimulated, awaken and provoked
All in the name of pique, not cloaked
Of course I was irritated and a little displeased
Pique had was doing its best to tease
The english language has 500 common words
but pique is not one of them, so tell it to the birds
In Switzerland today there is a windstorm called Otto
It might even be piqued, I must look at the lotto

FOWC with Fandango: Pique

RDP Sunday: Sage


It is raining outside, we have winds approaching 100 kph and there are objects flying around and I am on the quest for sage. I battled against the storm and discovered my sage sitting firmly in the earth. I grow it in my herb bed and have done for many years. Last year it died and was replaced in Autumn.

I again had enough sage to qualify for my kitchen. At the beginning there were large leaves, but they were removed for my meat dishes, my Saltimbocca and the insides of the chickens that were roasted. Now this is the promise of what is to come. The leaves are developing, they will grow and again become the support of my kitchen herbs.

In the meanwhile they are biding their time and will again develop their aromatic leaves for the next year.

RDP Sunday: Sage

Good Morning

Hot Tea

Let’s start the day with a nice hot cup of tea. I even managed to capture the steam rising from the surface and it is still hot whilst I am drinking it now. I have baked up our bread for the week-end and prepared the ingredients for our veal stew for lunch, so now for a breakfast in peace and quiet with my computer of course.

Actually I am a little late, because I was hugging the bed and my photo programme still seemed to be sleeping, but after a reboot it is now working.

The weather looks OK today and there is even a little sunrise in the distance. We have been warned of gale force winds up to 140 kph but up to now there is nothing happening. It will probably be a little spice for later in the day, although I hope not as I was planning on yet another little wheelie in my chair to day. Strike the iron whilst it is hot I say, you never know when it will change to rain and storm.

Hauptgasse Altstadt Solothurn 09.02 (2)

I escaped yesterday afternoon and after a week of home in the afternoon, broke out to further fields and rolled into town on my wheelchair. It was the usual Saturday afternoon mini crowd of people just walking around and enjoying life in general. I remember in my younger days the shopping on Saturday, people buying everywhere, but this seems to be a thing of the past today. With the modern developments of supermarkets and doing it all by car, the duties are done in an hour and everyone has more time to enjoy the fringe benefit of a walk through town. I also think that online shopping also has an influence. Why go places for the necessary when a tap on the computer enables it to be delivered home. The strange building in the middle of the photo is our hot chestnut man hut which has been decorated with a something from our approaching carnival season at the end of Februar/beginning March.

Hanfladen 09.02.2019

And here is our “pot” shop in town. Can you see it Marilyn (my online friend of many years who now has a pot shop in her little town in Massachusetts), we also have one. Hanf is hemp, pot if you like. It is more for medicinal purposes with ointment and various aromas and perhaps tablets, all for health benefits of  course. Smoking a joint is not yet official in Switzerland, but if you know how to do it, then it is your risk. I have never actually smoked anything but have had a few plants in the garden that wandered in from the birdseed I feed the birds with.  They can be quite bushy and keep the insects away. Perhaps I could get some seeds from the shop.

Jura 09.02 (5)

On the way into town I took a look at our local Jura mountain chain and saw that there is still some snow in the heights. In the lowlands it is now gradually disappearing thank gooodness. I took the risk of wheeling home along the bank of the local River Aare and encountered a few big puddles from the melted snow which was a new experience for the wheels of my wheelchair. It was no problem, although I have a few messy marks on the floor at home which will be dispersed in no time when I begin my daily cleanup.

Swan 09.02 (2)

I encountered the usual pair of mallard ducks ad a swan on my way home. I noticed the gulls seem to now be disappearing. There was also a group of divers putting their tanks and clothes into their parked cars as I wheeled past and one of them greeted me with a friendly “hello”. I remembered him from a past journey where he was in the same place and exchanged a few words with him about diving in the river when he told me that there were many catfish swimming around in the water. It is good to meet people from other occupations. I hope one day to snap a few photos of the divers as they enter or leave the river.

I eventually got home and my first action was to switch on the computer as I had a few things to write. It was then multi tasking as I also had a pizza to make, I had forgotten to buy the mozzarella cheese for the topping, but No. 1 son was in town and brought it home for me. It is so good to have an app on the iPad from the local supermarket with all the items  in pictures, so I did not have to go into lengthy explanations about what a mozzarella cheese looked like. I spent part of the evening uploading my photos from my afternoon excursion.

And now to a nice quiet relaxed Sunday. I hope you are also having one, if not, then look forward to another day where it will be quiet and relaxed. It can only get better. And as the setting sun sinks slowly in the West, I leave you with a view over the River Aare and Solothurn on my way home yesterday.

River Aare 09.02 (2)