RDP Saturday: Sanctuary

Herrenweg 05.09 (3)

Sanctuary? The whole town is a sanctuary. We have monks that used to walk around in their brown full length robes, and now and again you see a few nuns. I have never seen behind the walls, only outside.

Kloster namens Jesu Grenchenstrasse 18.08 (4)

This building is the Kloster Namens Jesu, but I do not really know who lives inside as I have never seen anyone enter or leaving. We live in a Roman Catholic Kanton of Switzerland but you get sanctuary no matter what you are.

There is a story from the war days telling when an American plane was shot down and managed to fly on and crash land in a field in one of our neighbouring areas. The pilot was confused where he actually was and the first person he saw was the local postman who was naturally dressed in the Swiss post uniform. The pilot put up his hands and surrendered thinking that he had landed in Germany and was about to be taken prisoner of war by a German soldier. The postman was most confused and probably managed to explain in his somewhat broken english that the pilot had safely landed in Switzerland. He was afterwards probably interned with the other American and allied soldiers in various camps existing in Switzerland until the end of the war. He had found his sanctuary.

And my sanctuary – home of course, where else?


This lady also seems to have found her sanctuary. I pass her every time I take a wheelie into town in my chair. She is always looking in the same direction and the gates are always closed – although once they were open and so I could a photo without the bars, but I did not trust myself to drive in and take a photo from the other side. She should remain a mystery, there must be a reason for it I suppose.

RDP Saturday: Sanctuary

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