RDP Thursday: Manufacture

Tool School

Iron and Carbon together contribute to stainless steel
Mix a little Molybdenum, Nickel, Manganese and Niobium at will
Do not forget the Nitrogen and Silicon, and also add some Copper
Now you are on the way to manufacturing a wopper
Look at the beauties, some are shining like gold
It depends on the titanium nitride that makes it really bold
Why is that one mauve, it looks so very nice
It has some aluminium with it, so now we have some spice
And now we have our end mills, for cutting in all directions
With a hum and a scrape the metal is flying, there are so many selections
And when the job is done, we have parts for all your use
Aeroplanes, other machines, anything you might produce
And so the sparks are flying, and steel is being ground
Production of the end result? In a bin there is a mound
You ask how I know this, it was my work for many a year
In the office I organised transport of the tools that did appear
I witnessed the creation of the tools that were being made
And now you see a selection above in the photo they are displayed
But do not forget the unwanted, the strands of curly steel
They were afterwards recycled and rejoined together at will
There were very high temperatures as the mills were on a spin
Cooled by oil and water, they were also very thin

Tool School

RDP Thursday: Manufacture

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