Good Morning

Trees on estate

Sometimes it is difficult to find an original photo in the morning. Today everything was shrouded in a light mist, no sun or blue skies. I am later than usual as it is cleaning lady day and she is busy transforming my shower and bathroom to a shiny paradise. Just over a year ago, 25th January 2018, I broke a leg and was rendered incapable of cleaning anything, although I did manage to walk around with a vacuum cleaner and mop supported by my walker, which was a strange appearance. Mr. Swiss said we must have a cleaning lady and I said nothing. Cleaning ladies were never in my programme. My working class background did not include someone to clear away my mess, you did it yourself.

However, I succumbed to the temptation of having support in the apartment, but restricted it to the bath, shower and kitchen. We had a look on line and after a few misses, we had a hit with our Lucia. In the meanwhile is has also done a course as a carer, although prefers cleaning. In between she can always apply her caring knowledge on Mr. Swiss and me.

She now comes once a week for 2-3 hours according to the work, and I am glad.

Otherwise I have become a cat carer for our Tabby. She is now on a diet of renal food for her kidneys and seems to be enjoying the new food: a mixture of pellets, and in the evening a dish of fresh food so that I can mix the medicine with it. Up to now she has now noticed that part of the new diet, but I do not want to spoil the effects so kept the medicine part a secret. I also discovered where I can order the special food on line. Although the vet has it all, but it would mean an extra stop of my shopping tour and the steps are a little complicated for me to climb to the practice.

Whether I will be going places this afternoon I do not know. It depends on the weather, which shows no chance of improving, and how long I sleep at midday.

And that’s that for this morning. Dinner has been cooking for an hour: sliced pork with various veg, a so-called farmers mixture, freshly prepared,  that the supermarket do. I add a few of my own veg to it as I like to know what I am eating exactly, although they do the mixture well.

Have a good day, make the most of it and see you around later. OK, another tree photo, as I really have nothing better at the moment 🙂

Trees on Estate

And I did not do black and white photography, we just have a colourless background today.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Yes I have reorganized Tabby’s food which is now all for kidney problems, but she is liking it. She also gets her medicine once a day, but no problem. It is liquid and I can add it to her food, Our snow has now gone and I hope it stays away,


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