FOWC with Fandango: Megaphone

Goose 15.04 (10)

I grew up with noise, it was the daily friend
From morning to the evening I really had to contend
And so a loud voice developped, there was really no peace
I could contend with all, even the gaggling geese
Mum shouted at everyone, it was her normal voice
Her sisters were even louder, and so I had no choice
Dad could not hear so well, and so the volume increased
Life at home was very loud, it was a movable feast
And when we had a family party the songs were really loud
You had to shout to make your voice heard, especially in the crowd
And then one day I married, my husband had a quiet voice
Although he says it is normal, it is mine that leaves no choice
My mum and aunts are long gone, and left me with no fears
I have never forgotten their voices, still ringing in my ears.

FOWC with Fandango: Megaphone

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