FOWC with Fandango: Megaphone

Goose 15.04 (10)

I grew up with noise, it was the daily friend
From morning to the evening I really had to contend
And so a loud voice developped, there was really no peace
I could contend with all, even the gaggling geese
Mum shouted at everyone, it was her normal voice
Her sisters were even louder, and so I had no choice
Dad could not hear so well, and so the volume increased
Life at home was very loud, it was a movable feast
And when we had a family party the songs were really loud
You had to shout to make your voice heard, especially in the crowd
And then one day I married, my husband had a quiet voice
Although he says it is normal, it is mine that leaves no choice
My mum and aunts are long gone, and left me with no fears
I have never forgotten their voices, still ringing in my ears.

FOWC with Fandango: Megaphone

RDP Tuesday: Hum

Hummmmmm, let’s see. No-one humming here, just the radio in the background. If it was summer, the air would be full of hums. A bumble bee?

Bee in the crocus

No, I don’t think so, he is just humming away to himself in a flower.

Hawk moth

But this guy hovers all the time in Summer, humming to himself. My cat loves them for a practice jump, but up to now has never caught one. The first time I saw them was in my garden in Switzerland. You never saw such beauties in the smoke and dirt of London, where I grew up, unless you lived in the so-called “greenbelt” surrounding the town or near a park. But here they are everywhere in Summer

It is a so-called Humming Bird Hawk Moth. They seem to spend most of their life hovering with their nose out (proboscis technically said) getting high on whatever they sniff out. Yes they are the real sniffer addicts. I never hear them cough afterwards and they don’t get high, at least not mentally, just physically. It seems they have it to perfection. I caught this one in the act, before my cat scared it away.

Humming Bird Hawk Moth

Their wings are turning like two propellers to keep them in the air. We have to build machines, but they are born like that. And so let us leave him humming away. They seem to disappear in the Winter, but in Summer they will be back when the pollen again arrives.

RDP Tuesday: Hum

Good Morning

Trees on estate

Sometimes it is difficult to find an original photo in the morning. Today everything was shrouded in a light mist, no sun or blue skies. I am later than usual as it is cleaning lady day and she is busy transforming my shower and bathroom to a shiny paradise. Just over a year ago, 25th January 2018, I broke a leg and was rendered incapable of cleaning anything, although I did manage to walk around with a vacuum cleaner and mop supported by my walker, which was a strange appearance. Mr. Swiss said we must have a cleaning lady and I said nothing. Cleaning ladies were never in my programme. My working class background did not include someone to clear away my mess, you did it yourself.

However, I succumbed to the temptation of having support in the apartment, but restricted it to the bath, shower and kitchen. We had a look on line and after a few misses, we had a hit with our Lucia. In the meanwhile is has also done a course as a carer, although prefers cleaning. In between she can always apply her caring knowledge on Mr. Swiss and me.

She now comes once a week for 2-3 hours according to the work, and I am glad.

Otherwise I have become a cat carer for our Tabby. She is now on a diet of renal food for her kidneys and seems to be enjoying the new food: a mixture of pellets, and in the evening a dish of fresh food so that I can mix the medicine with it. Up to now she has now noticed that part of the new diet, but I do not want to spoil the effects so kept the medicine part a secret. I also discovered where I can order the special food on line. Although the vet has it all, but it would mean an extra stop of my shopping tour and the steps are a little complicated for me to climb to the practice.

Whether I will be going places this afternoon I do not know. It depends on the weather, which shows no chance of improving, and how long I sleep at midday.

And that’s that for this morning. Dinner has been cooking for an hour: sliced pork with various veg, a so-called farmers mixture, freshly prepared,  that the supermarket do. I add a few of my own veg to it as I like to know what I am eating exactly, although they do the mixture well.

Have a good day, make the most of it and see you around later. OK, another tree photo, as I really have nothing better at the moment 🙂

Trees on Estate

And I did not do black and white photography, we just have a colourless background today.