RDP Monday: Skedaddle

River Aar 19.02 (5)

Skedaddle here, skedaddle there, skedaddle up and down
skedaddling on a river path or going into town
Time waits for no man, but you can form a line
So take it easy, there is no rush, you will arrive in time
Look ahead, neither right nor left, be careful not to fall
Keep your eye on the road ahead and do not run into a wall
You must rush, so hurry along, perhaps you have a date
Someone is waiting for you and you cannot be too late
Be careful crossing over the road, “no time I have to go”
And now you have all the time in the world, the accident was no show
As you take your last few breathes, and fly above the cloud
You realise that skedaddle was false, as now you are dressed in a shroud

RDP Monday: Skedaddle

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