FOWC with Fandango: Eclectic

Aare Haus Restaurant Lanhausquai 02.02 (2)

“Who are you?”

“This is my new place.”

“But it is my balcony. I was here first.”

“Only because the people that live here put you here. And now they decided that a man should also be here.”

“I don’t need a man and especially a man with a mug of beer in his hand.”

“I am quite comfortable here, but you must be freezing wearing that off the shoulder dress in the middle of winter.”

“No problem, even the water runs off my back if it rains. Although I must say I am getting a touch of a stiff neck.”

“They could have put us together at least. It would have been much more comfortable and we could have cuddled up together.”

“No problem, but not with that mug of beer.”

“It belongs to me, the only problem being that I have never been able to drink it. My arm is fixed in the same position.”

“Like my neck.”

FOWC with Fandango: Eclectic

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