RDP Sunday: Gridiron

Ronaldo in pain

Gridiron? Are you saying that our British footballers (soccer players for those over the pond) are weak, cissies, scared of a ball that is round by the way. Yes, a round ball, nothing with points at the end. An oval ball does not even bounce. An oval ball that is not a ball, but more an egg and what can you do with it? Throw it and kick it and hold it down when you cross the line – acrobatics. The British juggle with their round ball, make passes and they do not wear suits of armour when on the field.

Look at Rinaldo laying in agony on the field. One of the best in Europe apparently, although not a Brit, something Portuguese, but he is a European. I took this photo myself. I was not at the UEFA Cup Final in 2008 when Manchester United (a British team) were playing as the match took place in Moscow against Chelsea, another British team. Rinaldo was playing for Manchester United and if you asked the ladies they would agree at the time that he was the best looking man on a football pitch. I was watching the match from the safety of my living room on the TV and took a few photos, hence the quality being not so good.

Ronaldo being ignored in his pain whilst the others have a discussion

And here we see Rinaldo again still laying in agony on the ground and being ignored by the other players, the poor man. Do you see a suit of armour, a helmet, padded shoulders? No we Brits play naurally, shaking off bruises, cuts and broken bones, it is all part of the game.

And before you think I have something with Rinaldo, he is really not my type.

Van der Sar ready for action

This is my hero, Erwin Van Der Sar, the dutch Manchester United goalkeeper who was announced man of the match on this occasion. Not only a good goalie, but a good looker (on my estimate). Notice he also wears no protective clothing, he faces the ball with bravery. His bones are iron, not a grid.

I remember the days of the Super Bowl when my No. 2 son was still living with mum and dad and would visit his colleagues, stay up all night (because of the time change) and watch the match. He actually understood American Football and explained it all to me, but his mother was not convinced. She spent her youthful years standing behind the goal watching either West Ham United, or Leyton Orient on Saturday afternoons, the players  just clad in shorts and t-shirts, and braving all the attacks from the opposing team.

And by the way Manchester United won the match against Chelsea, The result was actually a draw 1:1 but they played half an hour longer and even then the result was not achieved. It was decided  by a penalty shoot out, and there Erwin was the star saving the penalty that won the match for Manchester United with a result of 6:5.

Gridiron? This was British grit.

Ferdinand and Ronaldo with the cup

RDP Sunday: Gridiron

12 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Gridiron

  1. For some reason, soccer (football to you) has just never caught on around here. Not for want of trying either. Other than baseball and sometimes tennis, I’m not overwhelmed by other sports. I have only so much room in my brain for this kind of thing … and it gets overwhelmed with baseball and underwhelmed in the off-season.

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    • A school friend of my No. 2 son played and went to America to manage an American soccer team. That was at least 10 years ago and he is still there, also got married to an American girl in the meanwhile. There are some parts of the States where it seems to be played.


  2. The superbowl is going to start in about 10 minutes here … I am going to watch the beginning to see our national anthem sung by Gladys Knight, a true superstar and probably the person who succeeds Aretha Franklin as the African American female singer at the top … then I will turn to the Puppy Bowl on another channel. I probably will not even change back at half time because they are having some band I have never seen Maroon 5 which everyone agrees was not a very good pick. I am aesthetic as to which team should win.

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  3. I had to laugh at the ‘suit of armour’ reference. Here in Aus, we play soccer and football (AFL) and rugby. No suits of armour. To say nothing of us (mostly) women who play netball with only a sleeveless dress and bibs for protection against the ball and opponents.
    I took my son to soccer tryouts for a new club on Saturday. One of the other kids trying out for goalie started to cry a bit when the ball slammed into his hands and was led off in tears. I said to my son once home again that if a similar thing happened to a girl on the netball court, she’d shake her hand, mumble ‘oooww’ and continue to play. Women are tough!

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