FOWC with Fandango: Hindsight

Climat Change Demo Solothurn 02.02 (15)

What are all these people doing in our town? I heard the noise before I saw them. They were demonstrating, marching and holding speeches. The words on the cardboard say “no tolerance for climate ignorance”. That is the answer. Although there are certain politicians that say there is nothing wrong with our climate, people are saying differently   and so they are marching to draw attention to the fact that our climate is changing, It has been slowly polluted by our cars, airplanes, and other machines pouring their gases into the air that mainly the youngsters have decided enough is enough. School strikes occurred this week on Friday, and in our town of Solothurn a march was organised on Saturday to prove that it was not just an excuse for a school free day.

Climat Change Demo Solothurn 02.02 (13)

To the background of our cathedral there is a poster saying “Has you brain melted yet” probably with emphasis on weather temperatures, or perhaps radiation in the air.

Climat Change Demo Solothurn 02.02 (9)

I do not have to translate this one, the pictures talk for themselves and it is also in english.

I was not marching with them, just taking photos and understood the anger of the people that if just a little hindsight had been applied, the situation would not have developed as it has.  I am not an idealist. My life is running out of time, although I hope to have a few years left, but I understand the youngsters that have it in front of them, if nature can cope. They are drawing attention to the state of our climate and want to rescue what can be rescued.

Climat Change Demo Solothurn 02.02 (3)

“Our world is dying, Climate Justice now. R.I.P. our future” hard words but containing the truth. And there was I sitting my my wheelchair taking photos and glad to be a witness of this demonstration. I wonder if it happened in other towns. I know that Europe was taking part, but I read no reports in the newspapers, perhaps it wasn’t so important.

Yes now we have the hindsight, if only we had …….. You can fill in the words yourself. I was impressed by every student that gripped the microphone and said their words. I was also impressed to see golden oldies walking with the demonstration, and people pushing prams with their kids, even taking the dog with them. And I was proud to have witnessed the demonstration.

They marched through the town, stopping at various places and holding speeches.

Climat Change Demo Solothurn 02.02 (16)

Although I found a some humour when I saw that a tea wagon was also included in case the people were thirsty or to warm them up in our cold Winter temperatures.

Climat Change Demo Solothurn 02.02 (22)

FOWC with Fandango: Hindsight

RDP Sunday: Gridiron

Ronaldo in pain

Gridiron? Are you saying that our British footballers (soccer players for those over the pond) are weak, cissies, scared of a ball that is round by the way. Yes, a round ball, nothing with points at the end. An oval ball does not even bounce. An oval ball that is not a ball, but more an egg and what can you do with it? Throw it and kick it and hold it down when you cross the line – acrobatics. The British juggle with their round ball, make passes and they do not wear suits of armour when on the field.

Look at Rinaldo laying in agony on the field. One of the best in Europe apparently, although not a Brit, something Portuguese, but he is a European. I took this photo myself. I was not at the UEFA Cup Final in 2008 when Manchester United (a British team) were playing as the match took place in Moscow against Chelsea, another British team. Rinaldo was playing for Manchester United and if you asked the ladies they would agree at the time that he was the best looking man on a football pitch. I was watching the match from the safety of my living room on the TV and took a few photos, hence the quality being not so good.

Ronaldo being ignored in his pain whilst the others have a discussion

And here we see Rinaldo again still laying in agony on the ground and being ignored by the other players, the poor man. Do you see a suit of armour, a helmet, padded shoulders? No we Brits play naurally, shaking off bruises, cuts and broken bones, it is all part of the game.

And before you think I have something with Rinaldo, he is really not my type.

Van der Sar ready for action

This is my hero, Erwin Van Der Sar, the dutch Manchester United goalkeeper who was announced man of the match on this occasion. Not only a good goalie, but a good looker (on my estimate). Notice he also wears no protective clothing, he faces the ball with bravery. His bones are iron, not a grid.

I remember the days of the Super Bowl when my No. 2 son was still living with mum and dad and would visit his colleagues, stay up all night (because of the time change) and watch the match. He actually understood American Football and explained it all to me, but his mother was not convinced. She spent her youthful years standing behind the goal watching either West Ham United, or Leyton Orient on Saturday afternoons, the players  just clad in shorts and t-shirts, and braving all the attacks from the opposing team.

And by the way Manchester United won the match against Chelsea, The result was actually a draw 1:1 but they played half an hour longer and even then the result was not achieved. It was decided  by a penalty shoot out, and there Erwin was the star saving the penalty that won the match for Manchester United with a result of 6:5.

Gridiron? This was British grit.

Ferdinand and Ronaldo with the cup

RDP Sunday: Gridiron

Good Morning

aSnow Estate 02.02.2019

As I left our estate yesterday afternoon this was the first view I had on the neighbouring field. Snow was still laying although luckily it was no longer snowing. To compensate this morning when I looked out of the window it was falling down again but as temperatures are over 0°C it is not laying, but melting as it falls. Who knows how it will develop if it continues today,

In spite of the snowfalls we had, I decided to risk a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon into town. As I approached our Basel Gate I already heard noise and commotion from inside the town and I was thinking carnival. The actual celebrations are end February, but some cannot wait. However, this time I was wrong. Our students and scholars were demonstrating against the climate change, but more about that later.

The town was clear of snow so wheeling around was no big problem, avoiding the crowd of marching students and scholars.

Gulls on roof 02.02 (2)

The gulls were doing a fly around. Perhaps they are practicing for the big fly off back to where they originate, when the weather improves.

There was not a lot of action in town so I decided to wheel on home again but on the normal street, as I had a feeling that the river bank would be a snowy icy opportunity. I wheeled over one of the bridges and returned again. As I was leaving town I heard the sounds of “Zorba The Greek” music, bouzouki clangs from the main street and then I saw them.

Street Dancers Zorbas the Greek 02.02 (6)

The accompany music was recorded and they were doing their Greek dance. I do not know if they were Greek I do not think so: just a couple of guys with a different idea.

Street Dancers Zorbas the Greek 02.02 (5)

They were not bad, and made no mistakes, but with time it got a little monotonous, so I decided to wheel on home. As I approached the entrance  to my block  I met a neighbour and we exchanged  a few words, He was on his way to the rubbish container with a couple of bags and I wheeled onto the entrance, confronted with a ridge of fresh snow. No problem I thought and wheeled through it, but not quite. My wheels got stuck and were turning but the chair was not moving. Luckily the neighbour was on his way back and saw my predicament and gave me a push whilst I steered and I was free.  He said that snow was continuously falling from the roof on that part of the path.

Castle Waldegg in snow and mist 02.02 (1)

As I wheeled on home I noticed that our local castle Waldegg was also now surrounded by snow and mist, looking quite romantic across the field.

So have a good Sunday everyone, make the most of it and take it easy. I leave you with a view along the River Aare in Solothurn of our so-called Landhaus and the accompanying row of restaurants on the river bank on the left.
Landhaus 02.02 (2)