Good Morning


Breakfast, at least there is something worth getting up for. I happened to have a remainder of toast bread from yesterday, so decided to treat myself for the first meal of the day. Nothing special, but something different. Mr. Swiss is always astonished that I am already up at 7.30 in the morning, but I look forward to the first hour of peace and quiet. He was already up for a coffee and rehugged the bed afterwards. I like to be on my own for the first hour of the day, doing my usual routine and organising. Afterwards sitting at the computer with breakfast. Note there is no coffee included in my breakfast, it does not agree with me, so just a cup of tea, no milk, cream or sugar, and I am happy.

We had rain yesterday which I was not sorry about. It cleared the snow away from the roads and pavements, although there is still plenty left.


Tabby is hoping that it will disappear today so that she can go for a walkabout. I would also like to go places today and hope that the brightening up this afternoon as promised by the weather guys and girls.

Yesterday I made my round of the supermarket for the week-end shopping and I do not intend doing any more shopping until Monday. I had four bags full when I got home and I ask how much can a family of three eat.  As our garage is underground I park my walker when I leave, as I have the supermarket trolley otherwise. When I arrive home I strategically place the bags on my walker. When I first began to do it all on my own, I only carried one bag to the apartment and my son fetched the rest later. Practice makes perfect, and I can now balance 3 bags quite easily. On Friday there is always a fourth, and No. 1 son fetches it afterwards.

Back Garden snow

I just heard the village church bell telling me that it is already 9.00, so I will move on, although Saturday is not such a stress day. Stress? No, golden oldies only have their self made stress. Today we must fill the bird feeder. No-one wanted to wade through the snow to get to it this week, but there is plenty on the ground so I left the sparrows to tidy up a bit. We really only get sparrows now, since we had the garden replanned and the lawn removed. Of course there are the crows but they prefer the wide open spaces.

Have a good week-end and make the most of it. And golden oldies be careful how you walk, especially if you have ice underfoot.

Garden Snow

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Such a wonderful photo of quiet and contentment at breakfast time … so thoughtful. Happy weekend …. hope the snow melts for you. It is not melting here on east coast of USA … yesterday we got ANOTHER 3 inches. Today is Groundhog Day I think … if the groundhog sees it shadow … there will be six more weeks of winter …. right now it is still dark outside so I dunno about the shadow thing yet …..

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  2. Have a great weekend, Pat. Happy to hear your pantry is stocked. I get such satisfaction knowing my fridge and pantry are well-filled. The check-out lines at the stores are awful on the weekends, so I go after work during the week.

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    • That’s why I prefer to deal with it on Friday. Now and again I have gone on Saturday afternoon, but only small stuff. I would hate to rely on Saturday for shopping, everyone is in a hurry and of course they drag the kids with them.

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