FOTD 2nd February 2019: Hostas

Hostas 06.07 (1)

I have two sorts of hostas. The ones with the big dark green leaves and the others. These are the others. I notice the snails leave the big leaved variety alone but go for the variegated sort with their 600 teeth. Must be a matter of taste, but they left a few flowers which were probably not edible.

FOTD 2nd February 2019: Hostas

7 thoughts on “FOTD 2nd February 2019: Hostas

      • Deer were the worst enemies of the crops at the farm before the fence was built. They are not big of voracious individually, but there are many of them. I am glad we do not have moose like up in Washington! The little foxes here take out rodents, so are quite welcome. There are not hedgehogs. Supposedly, Sasquatch, lived in my former neighborhood. If so, he or she did not damage. Our banana slugs are famously big, and are even the mascot of the teams of UC Santa Cruz, but eat only decomposing vegetative matter. There are plenty of small slugs that eat hostas ans such though.

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        • We have deer in the forests but they are shy and do not approach human settlements. Slugs are a big problem, but only if it rains. I am careful about the plants I have that they are not slug favourites. I have heard of the banana slugs, but none here.

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          • One of the young men I work with actually dressed up in a banana slug costume where he used to work. That by itself is funny. What is even funnier is that he is quite plump. He probably should not have told us. He will never hear the end of it.

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