RDP Friday: Fish


When I arrived in Switzerland my eating suffered an eclipse
I sat down to a plate of fish, but I could not find the chips
The Swiss eat them with potato, boiled with butter too
But something was missing, they really had no clue
They eat them with mayonnaise, and spread it on the fish
There will also be a side salad so what a curious dish
I grew up a Brit and fish and chips was our tradition
But this was now the crime of the centuary, bordering on malnutrition
How can you devour a fish without the chips and vinegar
This was now barbaric, it called for a prime minister
There was only one chance that demanded a compromise
I served them with chips with salt to have the normal fries
A tube of mayonnaise was on the table to celebrate a truce
And now Mr. Swiss and the kids could put it to their use
Just look at my photo, this fish was quite annoyed
He was eaten with the mayonnaise, this was so paranoid

RDP Friday: Fish

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