RDP Monday: Note


I should have made a note to say there would be a shout
It is snowing fast and furious with danger of a whiteout
Otherwise my notes appear upon a cloud
I can see them in my iPad and iPhone also allowed
When you become a golden oldie, you tend to remember to forget
So I write it all in notes, to make sure that it will set
I have a note with the shopping list, which I make the day before
Combined with Mr. Swiss phone, I want to be very sure
What I forget he might remember, and what I have so does he
There are no excuses not to buy, the list he can also see
And then I have a book list to remember what to read
All connected to Amazon whose choices I often heed
If I park my car in a parking house with a numbered place
I also note the number quickly, so that I know my space
Yes, my iPhone notes are my memory, it tells my daily life
Lest I might forget it all, am just a simple housewife
In the younger days of youth and action, we used to write a note
But the handwriting has become quite shaky, illegible when wrote
Thank goodness for the digital, does not allow for mistakes
Although sometimes when typing, my hand might get the shakes.

RDP Monday: Note

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