RDP Saturday: Frosted

Frost in Feldbrunnen 22.01 (2)

Frosted are the general Winter surroundings in Switzerland, except for the Italian part, where it is more the exception that the rule. They get their fair share of snow in Lugano and Locarno, but no real frost.

Where we live it becomes a magical Winter Wonderland and the trees resemble cake decorations with their white icing.


If there are still some plants in the garden, they also get the frosty look with spiky ornaments.


And the road to the supermarket is lined with trees dressed in their white coats.

Frosty Morning 23.01 (37)

I had to come to Switzerland to be a witness of the frosty days. Being a Brit it was too warm, and if we got snow it soon turned to a grey sludge from the air pollution. I do not like snow because of the road problems and walking, but I must admit, a frosty day has its charm.

Although this year, up to now, we have had no frost and the photos are from a couple of years ago. Climate change perhaps – who knows?

RDP Saturday: Frosted

8 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Frosted

  1. Looks like a winter wonderland to me–so pretty! We had frost on the ground yesterday morning and this morning. Everything a lovely layer of white–only to be gone within about a 2-hour time frame.

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