RDP Friday: Forecast

Weather Forecast

A weather app on my telephone, and my iPad, as well as the computer? Of course, you must be prepared. The sun is shining, so what could possibly go wrong, but just a minute. at 7.00 this evening it will snow, but no problem. Tomorrow morning we have a grey cloud at 4.00 a.m. with snow and rain and tomorrow morning at 7.00 it will be raining.

Does this really matter? If you have to go somewhere, you go no matter what the weather predictions say, although my mum was convinced if visitors were expected they would probably not come “beause it was raining” (she was a Brit so is excused, Brits live by the weather conditions).

I was sure that the weather forecast on the TV was Mr. Swiss favourite programme. He would be ready every evening at 7.55 to see what would be happening around us and we were to be silent so that he could concentrate. Switzerland is a small country, so there is no big problem in prophesying the weather. Everything under control, almost.

Well it did go a little wrong here when Sandra Boner, our weather lady, forgot the words and inserted a “bla, bla, bla” but she organised it afterwards. The basic language is Swiss German of course. The weather report is usually read from the roof of the television studios in Zürich, so the meteorologist are dressed for the occasion. In summer with a summer dress and perhaps a light jacket, as it can be quite breezy on the roof. During the deep Winter they might be clothed with a woolly hat and scarf and protective padded jacket. This looks like it was early Summer. Actually the young lady is a sort of neighbour of ours, living in the town of Solothurn. I do not know her personally of course but now and again see her in the local store with her two children. She is not actually a meteorologist, just tells everyone the weather from information supplied by the meteorologists.

But it is a fact that more than half of our conversations revolve around the weather and you can be sure that if you meet someone, the weather will be mentioned. So thanks to modern day technology, my weather prognosis on my iPad showing the sun was correct.

Afternoon Sun

I wonder how the weather reports look if you are living in an oasis in the Sahara Desert, or perhaps at the North Pole where an ice berg is floating past. Sahara: “Today we have a very long hot spell that will cool up a night” or Arctic: “Today it will be cold but only for a short time  because the the day is only a few minutes”, or something like that.

RDP Friday: Forecast

10 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Forecast

  1. This is great. Around here the main topic is ALWAYS the weather, and it’s not small talk. Everything depends on the weather, farms, animals, activities. Our temperatures are pretty similar to yours today, but the sun is shining brilliantly which is good because my house is COLD on cloudy days. I have a 90 year old furnace in the middle of the living room. It doesn’t really heat the other rooms.

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    • One of the symptoms of my MS is that I rarely fill cold. I was alwas in t-shirts in winter an summer indoors. Mr. Swiss is more sensitive to the cold, so when he rises in the morning I have to close the window in the kitchen, and we often have 0° C outside. Of course the farming calendar depends on the weather and since living here it has become more a theme. We have floor heating which is guided by a thermostat, driven by gas in the cellar.

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  2. From your entry, it sounds like the weather person lives in Solothurn and commutes to Zurich to her job? That is so fascinating to be able to do that. How long would that trip take? More than one hour?

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