RDP Wednesday: Immerse

Fish in Rheinfall 06.08 (3)

No, I do not think so, water is far too wet
The Rheinfall in Schaffhausen would make me fret
Of course I can swim and so can a dog
Just throw him in the water,  he becomes a canine frog
If you throw me in the water I am sure I will sink
And so I do a doggy paddle and water I will drink
Give me a book with a story line so fine
I will immerse in all the words reading every line
Books are not wet and don’t come up for air
I do not tire with arm strokes, sit in an armchair
Immersing in thought is another thing I do
Especially when I’m writing, I’m sure you do too
And now to blog away in my Ragtag daily prompt
I might start blowing bubbles but am sure i’ll not be swamped

RDP Wednesday: Immerse

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