Good Morning

Early Morning

A very light sprinkle of snow this morning, but it is icy cold. The water in my cat’s bowl was frozen solid. If you look carefully you can even see the first crow of the day in the background on a foraging expedition.


The next visitor was a magpie seeing what he could get before the crows arrived.

Yesterday was a typical lazy Tuesday. The weather was cold and there was a cloud blanket over everything, so I decided to stay at home. My lunchtime sleeps are getting longer unfortunately. I should really give myself a push and stop hugging the bed, but it is so warm and comfortable. I saw a guy arriving for us and was sure it was the plumber. However, he was dressed too business like for a plumber and it was our insurance guy who I though would be arriving on Thursday: a moment of golden oldie confusion. We decided that my wheelchair should be insured and it seems that there is a so-called electric insurance that covers all electric stuff, including computers. As we have a few computers, we decided to go for it. Electric wheelchairs are also expensive objects, and if anything happened to it, it would be an expensive replacement.

As the insurance guy was finishing the plumber arrived about our shower. He fittend the new hose in a couple of minutes and we had a look about having a seat built into the shower which seemed to be a good thing. Both Mr. Swiss and I are having balance problems and our legs are no longer as good as they were, so we decided to go for it. It will mean a day of hammering and boring to get it attached to the wall, but nothing out of normal and we are not getting younger. It will be a seat that claps down when you need it so will take no room in the limited space of the shower. At the same time he can fit a good metal soap holder and a grip on the wall for support when standing and sitting. We are not rolling in  money, but at our age, prefer to spend it on such improvements to our life style.

Looks like my idea of a new camera and lens will have to wait a bit., but you have to get your priorites settled.

Today I am off to the store for to find some food. Yesterday was rice, tomorrow is spaghetti so it looks like today will be something with potato, but preferably fried and not boiled. In the evening cold cuts, although is getting too repetitive, but we have no alternative suggestions. I might fry an egg tomorrow with a slice of thick spam (Fleischkäse Swiss style). And that seems to be everything organised.


I noticed the store again now have primroses in the gardening department on my last visit, so it seems that Spring might be arriving eventually. My crocus are already poking through in my flower beds.

And with this bright promise of the warmer times to come, I wish you all a good day. Look after yourselves and if it is cold outside, you can always curl up with a computer.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You are taking care of things that are important, so there is a peace of mind with that. The primroses are such a bright spot on a very grey day here in sunny Florida.


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