Good Morning


There is really not much going on outside at the moment. We have the same dreary sky, cloudless and moonless (have not seen the moon since its spectacular appearance in other parts of the world). All I have to offer are a few trees, leafless and waiting for the Spring to arrive. We still have temperatures moving around minus to 0°, but at least no snow or ice.


Some time last Summer this reed began to grow in my garden. Actually it started the year before, but expanded a little last year. I thought it might be the remainder of a Japanese reed I once had, but that was a little different, much taller. I noticed a neighbour has the same thing, so probably a seed found a place in the garden or the roots crept over and settled. I left it for the Winter and find it quite decorative. I just hope it does not have bamboo similar aspirations to grow and spread and take over.

Yesterday was a morning of shopping so I was too exhausted to go anywhere in the afternoon. As a lone shopper I have got used to my new routine of going alone, although there are times when I do miss a partner with me. Mr. Swiss and I did so much together, especially after I also retired and shopping was one of the items on the list. He would usually drive, I would take photos on the way (sometimes to his annoyance) and we would shop together. I miss the conversations in the store, buying together and just the general atmosphere. He is feeling his age and can no longer manage such excursions. Now and again he might come with me, but life is not longer the same. We all get old and our patterns of life change with it. And so I go to the store and return and he helps to unpack the goods and I cook.


I just heard quite a commotion outside and had a look. It seems that the crows were having an active discussion about who gets the best pieces of bread.


However they soon calmed down and realised there was enough for everyone and so I got a murder of crows in front of the window, five of them altogether. Needless to say the bread reserve has now disappeared and only the crumbs are left for the sparrows. As I take the photos with my mobile telephone, they are not as sharp as I would like them to be.

And now to go. I have booked the plumber this morning to replace the shower hose and head. Since I now use the shower as the bath is no longer a possibility with my handicap I noted there are a few things I would like to have improved. My No. 1 son never bothered with such stuff as the main shower user.. I also want to see if I can get a folding seat constructed in the shower. I do not need it – yet, but one day I probably will. I can stand OK in the shower, but I only need one dizzy spell and we will have the problem. I am now celebrating the first annual anniversary of breaking my leg.

Swan 19.01 (18)

And leaving you with a swan photo out of the water for a change searching for eatables, I wish you all have a good day.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Pat, a folding seat can very easily put up in your shower. And YES, have it done before you need it. In all the Senior Homes they have them too and as they are made from sturdy plastic, they are easily kept clean too. Enjoy!

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    • I will definitely have it done. i will be getting an offer and afterwards they can go ahead. Our cleaning lady is doing a Praktikum for her assistant carer course in a Senior home and has given me a few good tips

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  2. We have a shower seat. I needed it right after heart surgery, but I don’t usually need it now. So it has become a convenient place to put all the shampoo and body cleansers and wash clothes we use and it’s a great place to clean your feet without having to bend over at a dangerous angle. I just got a stool, no back and it doesn’t take up the whole shower, just a piece of it, but it has turned out to be surprisingly useful.

    We are still iced in, but tomorrow, the temperature is going way up and we’ll get a couple of inches of rain, so maybe it’ll whittle down the layer of ice on everything! Weird, weird, weather.


    • The shower seat will be attached to the wall and the seat claps down when you use it. Otherwise it is flat against the wall. there will be a little building work, but afterwards we have it. It will be both useful for me and Mr. Swiss. I will also be having a holder fitted to the wall next to it and a fixed soap holder. The seat is guarateed to hold 200 kilo and I am only 80 kilo heavy, Mr. Swiss lighter, so no problem. It will certainly be useful for the lower legs and feet. I also cannot bend so far in the shower.
      My cat’s water outside was again frozen in a lump this morning, one of the first jobs I have to do in the morning is to replace it. Otherwise a very light sprikle of shite in the garden, but no big deal.


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