RDP Monday: Marble

Yes, we have marbles. They were a publicity gag from the local store. for every twenty Swiss francs that you spent you got a marble. It was all in the interest of encouraging the kids to buy in this store when they were no longer kids I suppose, having a lasting impression of how good this store was for the kids.  I did not have any kids at the time, but still collected my marbles. waiting for the grandkids. One is now here, but has no interest in marbles up to now. He is more into tractors and other boy stuff.

It is not very often that I even bother with the marbles, so I noticed that it was time to apply a duster on the objects kept on the top of the television cupboard as I was removing the marbles for a photo.

My mum always used the phrase “he is off his marbles” when someone was not behaving as he should. Mum seemed to have a phrase for everything, but that was the cockney in her.

Swan 19.01 (2)

Even the local river has marbled designs now and again.

RDP Monday: Marble

13 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Marble

  1. This reminded me of a the bag of marbles I used to keep on my desk as a teacher. Students at the beginning of a term would ask what they were for, and I’d respond: “You’ll see.” Inevitably, someone would figure out once they got to know me, and a student would say with great revelation: “Do you need one of your marbles, Mrs. K?”

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