FOWC with Fango: Cough


If you met my mum, you would not dare to cough
She always said the same old thing,  which which would turn you off
It was not the cough that carried him off
But the coffin they carried him off in
I know this sounds so very hard, but it is a feeling that you had
You cough all night and most of the day, and this can be quite bad
So take some medicine or chew on a sweet, this really does not help
Cough some more, you cannot sleep, this really makes you yelp
Was it the guy in the bus that spread it, I really do not know
Or the lady in the store that sneezed and her nose she had to blow
It is spreading now all over the land, there is no real escape
so cough away and share it with all, really taking shape
Rub your chest with lineament oil, smelling oh so strong
This does not help, it stinks so bad, you are doing something wrong
After a week or two or three, your cough has become a croak
You have lost your voice the best of it all, Mr. Swiss is a happy bloke.

FOWC with Fandango: Cough

11 thoughts on “FOWC with Fango: Cough

    • I have never had a flu shot. My dad always had them every year. I rarely take anything. Just perhaps a Dafalgan if I get a flu similar reaction to my MS shot, which can happen and passes off in a night.


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